MarijuanaBlogues #1

Joe Snow 4Damn, Sayten thought to himself. Feeling crushed, he tossed his precious ipodphone on the bed, letting out a sigh. His last few texts for weed going unnoticed by Jowi. Ever since the day behind San Francisco’s Warfield theater when Pantera’s Dimebag Darrel handed him his first joint, Sayten smoked weed daily. He’d been lucky enough to always have a connection or two. Hell, he even had friends who’d drive across the Bay Bridge that connects San Francisco to Oakland just to drop it off. He’d been even luckier, however, because he had never gone without a stash for the last 18 years.

The feeling of going without was frightening. He had a certain Taoist-like attitude towards marijuana. He never put too much effort into going after it, rather he’d wait for it to come to him. And, when he had it, he thoroughly appreciated it. Marijuana was like a big hug, whenever he needed comfort.

The li’l Tupperware container stuffed in a droor next a bag of Jollie Joes and a box of Lemon Heads, sadly, had just a few hits left in it. Late that night Sayten laid awake in bed, his mind raced trying to remember someone…anyone who could help him get his hand on weed.

Still trying to come up with a way to score some weed, Sayten had a moment of clarity. Dude, he thought to himself, you LIVE in California, why not get a prescription? It was 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning when he decided to research. Someone on Twitter sent him a link to a list of doctors in the East Bay and within a few minutes he had not only found the tweet, but the website and a doctor in Oakland’s infamous Oaksterdam. The name is a mash of Oakland and the Dutch city Amsterdam that’s famously tolerant towards Marijuana use and the model for this cultural district. The name was Jim McClelland’s dea. McClland is AIDS patient who was a founding member of the Oakland Cannabis Buyers Club and the Berkeley Patients Group. Sayten made an appointment online and wondered if the website was even active. He let out another audible sigh that no one in the office heard…


The phone rang immediately, it was Compassionate Health Options to confirm the appointment and within a few minutes he was on the way to Oaksterdam. The woman from the office said that the doctor would be “willing to work” with him even though he didn’t have immediate access to his health records.

There are several ailments for which cannibis provides relief. As longas  a doctor has treated you for something on that list within the recent past, you shouldn’t have a problem, he thought. He’d been treated for migraines recently and had to undergo his first ride in an MRI machine recently. Maybe that would be enough for a presription for medical marijuana, he wondered? continued…

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