Mashable Lies About American Pot Use

Mashable_Americans Go to Work HighPuff, puff, pass the propaganda, man…
Some pretty fuckin’ successful people have admitted to smoking weed. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Martha Stewart. Even President Obama. And everyone from Miles Davis to Bob Dylan to Snoop Dogg smoked weed on the job. So it’s no surprise that many other successful stoners work while high. In fact a new report from reveals that nearly 10 percent of Americans show up to work stoned. Or does it?

Mashable conducted the survey in partnership with SurveyMonkey, and then wrote about it in an article titled; “Nearly 10% of Americans Go To Work High on Weed.” How many people lied about going to work stoned? Who knows. But what we do know is that the data analyzed the marijuana and prescription drug use of 534 Americans. Which means Mashable thinks 534 random people represent a nation of millions. Really!? How the fuck can that be true? Plus that headline; “Nearly 10% of Americans Go to Work High on Weed” is deliberately misleading, man. Look at the question they asked in the infographic below. A more accurate headline would have been “53 of 534 People Admit Going to Work Stoned at Least Once.” But you’d have to be hella bored or hella stoned (or both) to click on a headline like that.

Mashable_Americans Go to Work HighAnyhow, most stoners’ll tell ya that after a wake and bake sesh the high usually wears off by the time they arrive to work. That’s why they vape in the workplace bathroom. Or get stoned on a walk. Or re-up at lunch.

But what do employers find more threatening than stoners showing up to work stoned? Apparently admitting to smoking weed. Luckily those 53 Mashable survey takers who admitted to blazing before work didn’t wind up on national television. Why? Remember that dude Mike Boyer from Spokane, WA who was canned after being on the news for making the first legal weed purchase in his state? That’s why, dude. What’s worse? Boyer’s still unemployed, man.

“I was number one (to buy marijuana), I still have that title, I don’t really regret it,” Boyer recently told KREM in Spokane. He added that he later got his job back, but also said that he has not worked any hours since. “I can’t get a job,” he claims. “Everywhere I go, the employer goes ‘you’re the weed guy. We saw you on the news.'”

That’s fucked up. Dude’s out of work for no good reason. But it’s not as fucked up as Mashable’s misleading click-bait headline that could put many more Americans under scrutiny.

So what do you think Mashable should do with that employee who wrote that bullshit headline? Because whoever did was obviously HIGH AS FUCK. Let us know in the comments below…

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