Massachusetts’ top court OKs marijuana legalization for ballot

scrogMassachusetts’ top court OKs weed legalization for the ballot, but tweak needed

BOSTON — The state’s highest court has cleared the way for a question that calls for legalizing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts to appear on the November ballot.

The Supreme Judicial Court in Wednesday’s ruling rejected an attempt to block the question, but did order state officials to change the wording of the title and one-sentence statement that explains the measure to voters.

The justices said the current title and statement are “clearly misleading.”

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The court heard two lawsuits, one arguing that people who signed petitions supporting legalization were misled about the potency of marijuana products that could become available, including food and beverages.

The ruling came hours before supporters of legalized pot planned to turn in the necessary voter signatures to the secretary of state to assure a spot on the ballot.

Source: By Bob Salsberg, The Associated Press

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