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Master Kush

Master Kush Strain Review

Nowadays there are tons of various Kush strains available. Because what stoner doesn’t like Kush weed? And one of the most popular Kush strains around is called Master Kush. In fact it clocked in at number 24 on our list of the most popular weed strains on Leafly.

Master Kush Background

The Master Kush strain is a cross of Indian and Afghan landrace strains and is supposed to be 95 percent Indica. The strains she originated from are known for their use in hash production in the Hindu Kush region of the world. Master Kush was originally bred by the Dutch White Label Seed Company in Amsterdam and was first (as far as we know) marketed by Sensi Seeds. This offering is from Medusa Gardens in Washington state. and was sourced at Herbal Nation Bothell.

Master Kush Flavor

Often described as having a vintage flavor—a taste reminiscent of the famous hard-rubbed charas hash. No wonder there was a slight hash scent from the small flowers and a little more once they were ground up. The smoke was earthy and dense with strong Kush flavors. And like most Kush strains Master Kush delivers an even mix of full-body and mental relaxation. The effect was definitely heavily Indica, but very clean. Very nice smoke.

Master Kush Strain is Easy to Grow

Master Kush is easy to grow. If you’re looking to pop some Kush seeds and grow your own we’ve got a great primer on how far you should push your Kush. It’s useful information even if you’re not looking to grow Master Kush or even a Kush strain. For more experienced growers we recommend OG Master Kush (Master Kush crossed with OG), sometimes called Master OG or Master OG Kush. Anyhow, you can easily pick up some Kush seeds online from a multitude of different breeders like Nirvana Seeds or Sensi seedbank.

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