10 Purp Weed Strains that are Stuff Stoners Like

purple weedPurp weed?

Purp weed? Is that even a thing? Yep. Back in June of 2012 we answered a question about different strains of weed that had a tendency to turn purple. If you don’t know, you can check out the post, Purple Weed—How Does that Happen? here. The short answer is genetics. Some pigment molecules called Anthocyanins, and they can have different shades depending on the PH. Cool weed strain cannabis science. But that was a long time ago, and a ton of forward progress has been made in the cannabis industry since then. So what’s up with those purple strains now? Let’s find out!

Purple weed strains

I love the purple weed names. But more than that, I love they look, taste, and smell. Some strains that have more of the purp weed color include one of my personal favorites, the Grape Ape strain. What’s your purple dream weed? There’s a ton of them, but some of the more popular purple bud you’ve maybe heard of are the Sour Purple, the Purple haze plant, the Purple Cookies strain and the Grape Cookies strain, purple cheese, the Purple Urkle strain, and of course the Grand Daddy Purple strain. I remember a time when that was all the rage. Hey bruh, you got those Grand Daddy Purps? You got that GDP? Now, like many different strains of weed we see come and go in all the various markets we sample from, it’s sort of faded from the mainstream consciousness, but you can still find that bomb ass purple skunk on the top shelves of many high class stoners.

Purple strains that are Stuff Stoners Like

Most good weed is stuff stoners like, but it’s 2017 now and there’s so many different types of that crazy colored purp strain, which ones are good and which ones are meh? Everything from the Purple Dream strain to the Sour Grape weed to the Granddaddy Purple Strain has all gone up in smoke for the sake of getting stoney. Here’s ten of our favorite.

The Grape Ape Strain

The Grape Ape weed strain is one we’ve reviewed a couple of times here on SSL. The first was back in June of 2015 and it was some Grape Ape weed from Artizen in the Washington I-502 recreational market. Definitely stuff stoners like with an 8 on the made up scale of how good weed is. The second time was in April of 2016 and it was some Grape Ape grown by Two Heads. Also good shit and definitely some SSL. I don’t think I’ve ever had some Grape Ape that didn’t put a smile on my face.

Purple Urkle Strain

We first reviewed the Purple Urkle weed back in April of 2012. I remember the day, it was the first 4/20 after the world had ended. Don’t you remember in 2012 when the world ended? I member. Like most every other Urkle strain, this was good shit. So the Purp Urk got a nice review then, and it’s been one of our favorite named, and tasting purple weed strains since.

Mendocino Purps

I like this one because not only does it have a cool name, but it’s another one of those bad ass purple strains. This purp strain gets high reviews no matter which site you look on. It’s just that good. But isn’t the majority of the chronic cannabis out of Mendocino good shit? I’m assuming it is, but if you know for sure, drop us a comment below.

Sour Grapes Strain

The motherfucking sour grape strain you guys. I know right? Another classic purple bud with some beautiful ancestry. The Sour Grape strain is some colorful weed that’s a cross of the Granddaddy purp weed, and Sour Diesel, both of which are stuff stoners like through and through.

Purple Diesel Strain

Another high scoring public favorite when it comes to hard hitting purple marijuana. The Purple Diesel is a great purp strain bred by Cali Connection with a lineage of the Pre 98 Bubba, and of course, the Sour Diesel. This is some dark purple weed that some say has a creeper like buzz. Definitely some good purple weed that’s stuff stoners like.

Purple Voodoo

The Purple Voodoo strain is a nice 50/50 hybrid that comes from a lineage of three strains, all containing those sexy purple weed genetics. A crowd favorite with growers and smokers alike, the Purple Voodoo is one of those purple strains you should definitely try if given the chance. It’s one of those cool grape weed flavors a lot of this purple cannabis presents with.

purple weedPurple Cheese

The Purple Cheese strain is an indica heavy autoflower strain that comes from Blue Cheese and Lowryder. It was supposedly designed by Auto Seeds to have less cheese and more grape flavor in it. I know, you are all snubbing your noses up right now at this pick because it’s an autoflower strain. But let me tell you something, this shit has some good CBD content in it when done right, and when you combine that with the purple weed colors, with the grapey taste, it’s definitely stuff stoners like.

Purple Trainwreck Strain

Another bomb ass purps strain coming from the Grand daddy Purp strain and Trainwreck. It’s said the lemony notes of the Trainwreck mix beautifully with the grape terps in the Grand daddy purp weed, for a deep purple strain of purple weed that is always ssl.

purple kushPurple Skunk

Depending on if you are like me and prefer the skunk to the kush, the Purple Skunk or the Purple Kush are both purple strains that are stuff stoners like. I mean how can you not like something that comes from Skunk 1? Everytime I see that bud, I always hear the Kottonmouth Kings song where they say Skunk 1 is in the chamber. Fuck yea, what ever happened to KMK? We should have a sesh or some shit, because I’ve been training for the last ten years to get my crown. Let’s get tested.

Purple Kush

The Purple Kush is a personal favorite around Oakland, and that right there is enough to make it stuff stoners like. If you get a chance to sample out some purp kush that’s been grown properly, it’s going to definitely plant a smile on your face. It’s another fairly grapey tasting purple weed strain. So if you like that sort of thing, and you’re in the market for some purple bud, the Purple Kush will not disappoint.

Have you ever smoked any purple weed? Of all the different strains of weed out there, our favorites are always purple. Purp weed smells great, looks great and tastes even better. Top favorite purp weed? Probably the grape ape strain. We should grow some of that Grape Ape weed as a matter of fact. Anyhow tell us about your favorite purp weed in the comments below.

By Mat Lee

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