Middle Fork Marijuana Strain Review

Middle ForkMarijuana Strain Name: Middle Fork
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet 613 Montana Ave #2 South Bend, Washington 98045 360-875-8189
Farm: Top Shelf
Harvest Date: 9/28/15
Type: Indica Dominant
Content: THC 24.47% | CBD .05% | CBG 2.39%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams
Genetics: DJ Short Blueberry X Dutch Treat
Middle Fork MarijuanaAppearance and Feel: Middle Fork from Top Shelf WA is some damn gorgeous cannabis as you can see from the pictures. The trichome growth covers the forest green calyx and lighter green leaves. There was even a purple bud in the bag I got. The trichomes are tall and fully developed with bulbs standing at attention. In the close ups you can see some pretty amber colors in some of the tips.

Middle Fork Marijuana Strain
Mat scored this Middle Fork from Growers Outlet in South Bend, Washington

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Smell: I’m definitely getting more of the pungent lemon lime aroma from the Dutch Treat side of this monster strain. The Blueberry takes a back seat to the Sprite smell, until you put it through a weed grinder. That’s when the sweet berry smell makes itself known. It’s subtle for sure, but definitely noticeable. I would be curious to see if other phenotypes have a stronger berry smell, or if they all pretty much smell like the Dutch Treat.

Middle Fork Marijuana
This Middle Fork weed clocked in at a whopping 24.5% THC

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Flavor: The taste of the Middle Fork is sweet and subtle, with the Limey Dutch Treat hitting you first on the inhale, with the extra mild berry taste becoming once again apparent on the exhale. The smoke is thick yet crisp, with a smooth flow. It definitely smells stronger than it tastes. I mean, all this wine weed adjective snobbery aside, it tastes like good ass weed. Smoke some and you tell me what it tastes like. Good ass weed. That’s right.

Middle Fork weed is stuff stoners like
Middle Fork weed is stuff stoners like

High: Mmm, I’m definitely digging this buzz. It’s a relaxing heady trip to fuckitsville. The perfect smoke for after a long ass day at the lab for sure. I’m motivated to finish this review, and then some. The Middle Fork is absolutely on my list of favorite strains I’m smoking right now, and that doesn’t happen all that often.

Middle Fork Cannabis
The taste of the Middle Fork is sweet and subtle,

Overall: This seems to be everyone’s favorite here in Pacific country, at least for now. When you take this cannabis into your senses, the sight, smell, taste, and buzz are on point. It didn’t plant my dick in the dirt like I was expecting, but I’m the worst human to feel how a weed buzz is setting in.

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 Cannabis called Middle Fork
The smoke on this Middle Fork weed is thick yet crisp, with a smooth flow.

At most I get a mild head change and an air of breezy uplifting tolerance. Not the kind that makes you not get high, but the kind that makes you deal with other humans much more smoothly. The Middle Fork grown by Top Shelf WA and sold at Growers Outlet is definitely stuff stoners like. If you’re a new weed smoker, take this one easy at first. You should always approach the 20% or more THC strains with a little caution, at least at first. They don’t call it one hitter quitter for nothing.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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