New Features Make the MJ app Even More Useful for Stoners

New MJ App HeroCannabis is getting complicated. Especially with the onslaught of new strains, preparations and products coming out seemingly everyday. Plus it seems like everybody has an opinion on all that stuff too. So besides who do you trust when it comes to choosing the product, strain or dispensary that’s right for you?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app based on a community of experts who supply useful information that’s thoughtfully curated? We’re talking helpful contributions—reviews, articles, critiques—that are ranked by users in order to to help guide one another in a sea of cannabis choices. Well that’s exactly why MJ, one of the leading marijuana communities today, added a killer new score feature to their already awesome application.

Keeping score

What’s cool about the score feature is that it helps users separate the trustworthy information from all the stuff floating around out there that’s inaccurate or a waste of time. The MJ score indicates a level of trust based upon the credibility of individual users. That credibility score is influenced primarily by community members who ‘upvote’ content that users provide. Good contributions get noticed and as they are liked by the community the author’s credibility increases—based on a scale of 1 to 100.

Another cool thing about the app is that each user can choose skills (represented by badges) that other community members may endorse. We’re talking skills like growing, or critiquing products or writing strain reviews for instance—this way users can follow multiple experts to help navigate today’s complex cannabis landscape. Think of the MJ app and this new score feature like asking a community of cannabis experts and then getting a quick consensus. Cool, right?

You can get a consensus on things like the medical uses of weed. You know, like, see what strain treats insomnia or stimulates creativity for instance. Or you can read posts about a particular cannabis topic that have been upvoted by the community. You can then upvote that post so that you can help other users or pin that topic so that it’s added to your daily newsfeed. And if you just love surfing weed content you can browse all the user-generated stuff like strain and product reviews or just drool over all the amazing weed photos you’ll find.

Editing shots

Speaking of weed photos the guys over at MJ  also added a new photo editing tool. It makes it even easier to create and save weed photos and share them with the world—without fear of reprisal. It’s crazy but some social media sites still seem openly hostile at times to marijuana users and their associated content. However MJ is made specifically for cannabis lovers. It’s a community for everyone from budtenders and processors, to growers, critics, journalists and those in between. It allows anyone interested in pot to share and explore credible cannabis information and experiences—the best part of a community, really.

Anyhow the new photo tool allows companies or anyone else looking to promote a business to quickly and easily overlay their logo or other identifying markers like their MJ profile pic directly on to photos. Now anyone can use MJ to create impressive photo content that boosts brand awareness and then simply share it to Twitter, Instagram or other social sites and reach an even wider audience with just a click.

Like most forward-learning tech companies MJ is continuously looking to hear from their customers and stoners like you. So feel free to leave suggestions regarding their new photo editor tool, the score thing or anything else about the app so that they can make it as useful as possible.

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