Stoners Like Reading

stoners like cheech and chong
Stoners like Cheech and Chong

Well, aside from the liner notes on Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma album, it’s not widely known what it is that stoners like reading. But we here at Stuff Stoners like H.Q. suspect that anything penned by the legendary Tommy Chong would be up there topping the list.

Set for release on August 12th (tentatively) is Cheech & Chong: The Unauthorized Autobiography. Written by Chong himself, this new book will detail the history of Cheech & Chong and include lots of stories never before revealed. It’ll also reveal celebrity potheads of the day! Oh, and it contains photos from Chong’s personal stash…

Oh and get this…Tommy Chong will read excepts from his new book in person on August 13th at the Bryant Park Reading Room (42nd St side of the park). Josh Gilbert, director of the A/K/A Tommy Chong, will be be hosting the event.

10 Responses to “Stoners Like Reading”

  1. ReownInsemimek

    Thanks for the post

  2. Baschive

    ok, ummmm, where do i start, I HATE READING, but i am a complete stoner and so are my friends, and we all hate to read.

  3. AvacadoRush

    A mate of mine wrote this book about some stoners who live in Southend who try and raise some money to buy a nuclear bunker on a tropical island. It’s funny shit man.

    Check the trailer here:

    or read a sample here:

  4. Baschive

    i’ll look into that book man its sounds funny, whats it called?

  5. Matt

    REading is the shit! Physics and cosmology books blow my mind when im stoned! Anything written by Carl Sagan or Michio Kaku keeps my high going long after ive smoked. Its so damn trippy!

  6. IAB

    George Carlin’s books are a great read! Fuckin’ hilarious! And you can’t go wrong with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!!!!

  7. ben

    dude reading is good like old sci fi books and magazines and the comics in the newspaper. your a tool if you think you are too cool to read. but watching tv is good too. really any form of entretainment that doesnt suck stoners like

  8. John

    to the guy who said he hates reading…. its not cause you smoke marijuana. Its because you and your friends are dumb. Real stoners read a lot and are smart people

  9. domfed

    ya, no, thats not true….. me and all of my stoner friends HATE READING!!! and thats a fact! but we do love watching cartoons and chelsey lately, but back to the main fact i have NEVER enjoyed a good book since i was a tinny little monster looking at books with only pictures in them.

  10. A GUY

    I love reading when i’m stoned, i like the deep thought sci-fi type shit or dystopian future stuff. If you dont like reading when your high its because you don’t like reading in general and that’s just being anti-intellectual. Saying that stoners do or don’t like reading is a stereotype anyway, some people think stoners are stupid because thats the bullshit that the government spreads and therefore the same people think stoners don’t like to read. “we” consist of many genius individuals like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and President Clinton. “We” also consist of a few dickhead high-school drop-outs. The moral is that smoking weed is fun, and dumb or smart everyone likes fun shit,

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