What Nutrients to Use In EZ Clone Machines

What Nutrients to Use In EZ Clone MachinesWhat Nutrients to Use In EZ Clone Machines

QUESTION: I have a homemade EZ clone machine that constantly mists my cuttings and am wondering what type of water I should use inside it? Should it be distilled water? Should it have any nutes in it? Does it need to have any target PH or any rooting hormones?

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: We’re mainly advocates for plain water, however there are many different ways to do it. But whatever you do—keep it simple, stupid. That’s the simplest way we can say it. Don’t overdo it because those clones are little guys and they need to be able to breathe.

First off though that system that you’re using is dope so you can use plain water, just make sure to keep fresh water in there. You may want to get some General Organics Cal Mag and depending on the size of your reservoir maybe add a capful or a teaspoon or two. This way your clones’ roots will get that calcium and magnesium jump early—know what I’m saying. And basically that’s it.

But if you really want to give them a little something then give them a little cal mag or a little Root Juice from General Organics, the brown label. Just look it up, that’s real good. You can also use Azos mycorrhizae powder dissolved in the water. You can even use stuff like Dip ‘N Grow rooting hormones. Just put a couple of drops in there. But basically it sounds like the stuff that you got—the misting, the air and the fresh water—add a little calcium and your plants are going to dig it.

Here’s a tip—when you’re taking clones try and slice the stem on an upward cut instead of on a downward cut, so its wider on the bottom. This little trick will help accelerate that drinking process a little bit more.

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