Oakland Neighboring City Alameda Passes Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban

Lies, rhetoric, corruption, discrimination, fear, protection of profits combined with ignorant, incompetent and corrupt legislators is the reason marijuana was wrongly outlawed back in the 30’s in the United States of America and most of the world and it’s also the reason Oakland, California’s neighboring city Alameda, banned ALL MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES, last week.

Corrupt, profit protector Alameda Police Chief Walter Tibbit, in collusion with the California Police Chief’s Association which has reported increases in crime near where “marijuana stores” are located maliciously went on record stating about Alameda’s first and only medical marijuana dispensary, which was forced out of the area via zoning laws stated “the vast amount of people going into the Purple Elephant did not appear ill.” Even more shameful, when asked whether Alameda experienced any crime as a result of the Purple Elephant being open, Tibbet said it couldn’t be determined!

Many illnesses like the myriad of stomach ailments treatable by medical cannabis such as cron’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome, to mental disorders like anxiety or depression aren’t something easily identifiable by incompetent police officers profiling patients.

It’s not just medical marijuana patients who are the targets of profiling or abhorrent discrimination practices, but medical marijuana providers as well. After destroying the livelihood of the Purple Elephant’s owners and putting the rest of its staff out of work, and ignoring the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry…sadly Alameda’s Mayor Beverly Johnson went on record calling the compassionate act of providing legal medical marijuana medicine to the sick and dying “legalized drug dealing.” And also has ignorantly claimed, without a shred of evidence, dispensaries are a far cry from the co-ops intended when California voters opted to legalize marijuana for medicinal use.

But, despite the outright discrimination against marijuana providers and users as well as negative OPINIONS, not facts the City of Alameda claims it’s council recommended the ban, which will effectively keep medicine out of the hands of the sick as well as tax revenue from city coffers, was based on LAND USE DECISIONS, not moral or political considerations or personal opinions, like Police Chief Tibbit or Mayor Johnson. But, don’t be fooled by rhetoric.

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