Orange Spice Strain Review

Orange Spice MarijuanaOrange Spice

Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Manastash Gardens
Harvest Date: 4/29/15
Sativa vs Indica: : 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
Content: THC 21.82% | CBD .08% | CBG .36%
Genetics: G13 X White Widow
Orange SpiceAppearance: Large leaf, totally frosty. Lovely long orange hairs over fairly tight buds. Probably not like blood brothers tight, but definitely like, a good friend you went to school with tight. Maybe more spongy than tight. But I don’t really have a good analog for spongy at the moment. So we’ll go with moderately tight and spongy. Sticky too. I’d love to see the scissors that had to trim this bud.

Orange Spice Strain
Orange Spice is orangey, spicy and mm mm good.

Smell: It’s orangey, it’s spicy, it’s Mmm Mmmm good. Like some soup when you got a day off for winning the immune system lottery and getting sick. Damn, that spice though. The White Widow is right up front, coating every sniff and riding the air currents into my nostrils, lighting up all those buds. Taste buds that is. But I keep coming back to that orange smell. It’s there and the combination of orange and spice is perfect. A most splendid aroma.
Flavor: This is a first-rate smoke for sure. It’s smooth and the spicy orange flavor sticks with it all the way through. I’ve never had an orange strain before in flower form, only the Cali-O and Tangie extracts. It’s definitely more subtle than the extracts, and has a great mixture of the spicey widow and orange yum.

Orange Spice Strain Review
Orange Spice Strain Review for Stuff Stoners Like by Mat Lee

High: A nice mellow high that pretty much goes where you want it. Should it be more sativa and heady? Just think it and you’re there. Do you wanna be entertained by some couch lock? That’s well within the realm of possibility as well. Cross your eyes and zone out. Shit, I just did, for like 15 minutes, literally listening to the Bad Meets Evil Hell: The Sequel album on Google Play. Good times. Remember with all these top shelf strains, don’t try to keep up with more seasoned smokers if you are new to this. They will most definitely teach you what it means to plant one’s dick firmly in the dirt. If that’s a hard lesson for you to learn, don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

Orange Spice Strain
Orange Spice Strain is Stuff Stoners Like

Overall: The taste and smell of this Orange Spice was delectable. It’s awesome because it’s not a very common taste. You get a lot of piney lemon and pungent skunks, but every now and then you get something orangey, like a Cali-O or Tangie, and now, Orange Spice. Be sure to head down to Growers Outlet and anywhere else Manastash Gardens herb is sold.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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  1. Ken

    Picked up some @ T502 brothers in lacey/olympia. Good price, pleasant tenders as usual. The owner is the 1st I’ve ever heard repeatedly point customers to check the clearance prices before pointing at top $ flower. Which most people can appreciate.

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