PHASES Cannabis Review

PHASES Cannabis

PHASES cannabis company sent us some weed to check out. According to their web site they are an effects-based brand founded on the desire to offer choice in awareness, diversity and

They say, “Focus on yourself and your wellness with our vibrant line of indoor flower cultivated to
appeal to cannabis users of all levels-from the canna-curious to the cannasseurs, for any time and any place.”

PHASES weed background info

Each strain is expertly bred and selected for specific terpene profiles, cannabinoid content, and effects. Their flowers are tested for ideal aroma, crystallization, color, sheen, bud structure, and flavor. This helps them deliver a consistent effect and experience.

PHASES bud is grown by WEED lovers

Their weed is grown indoors and it sure shows, man. Growing indoors means their weed isn’t covered in pollen and whatever other contaminants are blowing in the wind on a given day. And it allows them to adhere to a strict nutrient and growing schedule. On top of that their buds are hand-tended throughout their life cycle. And they are harvested at the peak potency. Lots of weed is cut too early because growers get either greedy or impatient. Not PHASE though. These dudes, because according to their site they love weed as much as the next stoner and “show the plant the utmost attention and care while combining new technology with traditional cultivation methods.”

PHASES offers five variations of approachable cannabis for every mood. That’s cool, right? Well they sent us a couple strains from their catalog.

Retrograde for Recovery

The first strain that they sent was Retrograde. This strain is all about recovery. We’re talking recovery from a workout or a hard day’s night. Either one. It’s your choice. Retrograde is an Indica that delivers relaxation and tasty flavors. It’s a cross between the ultra-popular strains Wedding Cake and Gelato 33.

High Frequency for Energy

PHASES also sent over some weed called High Frequency which is supposed to deliver some enerty. The strain itself is Super Berry Crush. And it’s a stativa that’s a cross between Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies. It has a sweet and fruity flavor with a floral aroma.


Rather than looking at a strain and wondering what you’ll feel like after consuming, this stuff spells it out on the packaging. You can choose from choice strains that deliver everything from relaxation, to energy, to restoration. And rest assured that it’s not only lab tested, it’s grown indoors with the utmost of care. Stuff Stoners Like? Indeed, dude. Indeed.

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