Pink Pez Strain Review

pink pez strainMarijuana Strain Name: Pink Pez
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Doc Croc
pink pez strainHarvest Date: 3/27/15
Type: Indica
Content: THCA 17.30% | THC .61% | CBD .11%
Genetics: Pez X Sour Pink Grapefruit
pink pez strainAppearance: At first glance it’s hard to tell if this bud has some light green calyx action, or if that’s just all the trichomes changing it’s color. It’s definitely winter time at the Doc Croc Cannabis Farm that’s for sure.

The pistils have trichomes, and the few leaves that are tightly wrapped up in there are also covered with the dusty stuff. It’s some beautiful looking bud for sure.

pink pez strain
Pink Pez is like sour Pez candy that you can smoke

Smell: When you open the bag you’re greeted with a nice spicy, fruity candy, sour smell. It actually kind of smells like pink lemonade. The Pink Pez is really awesome, like Pez, but a little more sour and spicy smelling. It’s like sour pez candy that you can smoke!
pink pez strainFlavor: This is some sweet candy. Not the sweetest swedish type, but hey we’re not fishing for compliments here. If I asked my friend to bring over some of their finest swedish cheetah, and this is what they came with, I would be completely satisfied. There’s a nice pungent sour fruity taste after thought on the exhale. A real pleasant smoke, but if you aren’t into the sour taste, it might bite you a little.

pink pez strain
Here’s the product packaging fror Doc Croc’s Pink Pez strain

High: This is some heady bud for sure. Halfway through the second bong load I paused for a good few minutes, and then realized what the F am I doing. Oh right. Good spacey bud with a definite potential for couch lock and day dreaming. Probably something you want to bust out when going deep into meditation, or just trying to relax after a long night of thinking.

pink pez strain
Pink Pez genetics are Pez X Sour Pink Grapefruit

Overall: The Pink Pez is a great candy tasting, heady high bringing on strain for your stash box. Always a party pleaser, and always a good strain for a early morning wake and bake sesh. It looks great, tastes great, and has a buzz to match.

pink pez strain
Pink Pez smells like Pez candy but a little more sour and spicy.

This is some great weed for anytime of day, unless of course your system doesn’t roll that way. It can be a little more intense for the newer smokers, but being an under 20% strain, you should be able to use it to help build that tolerance and work your way up the loud ladder.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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