Querkle Strain Review

Querkle strain flowering time

Querkle Strain Review

Review by: Mat Lee
This is part two of my four part weed review series on buds that I’m smoking. I had a chance to get 4 strains analyzed by the Werc Shop analytical lab in Bellevue Washington to see what kind of terpenes and THC / CBD content they have. Click here for a PDF of all four strains lab results. The four strains tested were Elephant, Aliens on Moonshine, Red Dragon, and Querkle. This is my review on the Querkle strain. Querkle was also reviewed here on SSL back in the beginning of 2012.
Score: 6/10
Sativa vs Indica: 80% Indica and 20% Sativa
Content: THC 1.27% | THCA 16.62%
Genetics: Urkle X Space Queen. Querkle seeds are available from TGA Subcool Seeds.
Querkle strain reviewQuerkle Phenotypes: There are Two main Querkle phenotypes one is Indica leaning—short, very purple and tastes like grape Kool-aid, the other Querkle phenotype delivers more Sativa characteristics in appearance and buzz. From what I hear the Querkle yield is quite ordinary—so if you decide on undertaking a Querkle grow project don’t expect the plant to be a massive producer. Oh and the Querkle strain flowering time is about 58 days on average.

Querkle grow
Planning a Querkle grow? Let us know in the comments below.

Appearance: Dense, lighter green buds with dark red hairs. Really dusty, especially when broken apart in the sunlight to put in a grinder. If you watch right, you can see the dust go poof as you break nugs off the branch.
Smell: First I’ll describe what I smell from the weed itself, then I’ll list the different terpenes the lab test found.
Right out of the bag it’s significantly earthy, with a spicy mustiness to it. Quite pungent. I feel like this might have been one of the older harvests in the batch, since it only had a total of 6.17 total mg / g of terpenes in it. You can definitely smell and taste what’s left of β-Caryophyllene in the Querkle.

Querkle phenotypes
There are two main Querkle phenotypes; one is Indica leaning and the other is Sativa dominant

Information about the properties of terpenes can be accessed online really easily. Here’s a great post on Icmag if you want to learn more. Below I only commented on the terpenes showing up over 1 mg per g.

Querkle reviewβ-Caryophyllene – 1.64 mg / g
Sweet, woody and dry clove odor and tastes pepper spicy with camphor and astringent citrus backgrounds. It is a major terpene found in black pepper, clove and cotton. It is found in smaller %’s in many other green, leafy vegetables, herbs, and spices. Caryophyllene contributes to black pepper’s spiciness. Caryophyllene oil is also used industrially to enhance tobacco flavor.

Caryophyllene, given in high amounts, is a calcium and potassium ion channel blocker. As a result, it impedes the pressure exerted by heart muscles. As a topical it is analgesic and is one of the active constituents that makes clove oil, a preferred treatment for toothache. It does not seem to be involved in mood change, however caryophyllene shows great promise in a salve or lotion as a therapeutic compound for inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders because of its ability to bind directly to the peripheral cannabinoid receptor CB2.

All Terpenes are listed as mg / g.

α-Bisabolol – .48

Caryophyllene Oxide – .06

α-Humulene – .77

Limonene – .68

Linalool – .46

Myrcene – .72

α-Pinene – .49

β-Pinene – .43

Terpinolene – .76

Total Terpenes – 6.17 mg / g

Querkle seeds
Querkle seeds (Urkle x Space Queen) can be got from TGA seeds

Flavor: Earthy as all get out, with a spicy, slight berry aftertaste. The smoke is strong and thick with a swift bite at the back end. It’s got a nice taste when mixed with Danish Export tobacco and smoked spliff style. I think by now I can’t even say that I’m a cigarette smoker. I’m a spliff smoker, that’s it. I can’t remember the last time I rolled a ciggy that didn’t have weed in it. I would definitely like to try a fresher batch of this.
Querkle weedHigh: Nice heavy mellow buzz, focus comes if you need it, but with a little more work than it takes with a more sativa side hybrid.
Overall: Definitely a good herb to have in the shelf for those late sleepy nights, or for when you want to firmly plant your dick in the dirt. It’s a good thing I have such a strong tolerance, otherwise I might not get much of anything done today.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

Querkle Grow Report
Querkle Grow Report

3 Responses to “Querkle Strain Review”

  1. Florida home grown

    That has to be the worst looking example of querkle I’ve ever seen. Are you sure that is even querkle? The querkle I grow has so many trichomes it puts white widow to shame and has purple throughout the light green. And you mention nothing of the grape or fruit candy smell it’s famous for. That’s actually the reason it was crossed to put the purple from the urkle mom and speed up its veg time. It’s like saying sour diesel doesn’t have diesel smell. This is the most fruity smelling weed around. I think you just have a very bad specimen or wrong strain of no fault of your own. This strain has been featured in skunk magazine and high times and what you are showing and describing is Mid shelf at best. Get a real tga subcool querkle and do this strain some justice.

  2. TGA is horrible

    Querkle is horrible. The other commenter is probably subcool himself. No one else would ever say that it is anything but mid grade potency. Like all tga strains. Just average high and decent taste/smell

  3. joe

    querkle rocks. yes… you have a shit sample. i’ve flowered it many times. your an idiot.

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