Red Dragon Strain Review

Red Dragon Flowering Time
Red Dragon Flowering Time is between 60 – 74 days

Red Dragon Strain Review

Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 9/10
This is part three of my four part weed review series on buds that I’m smoking. I had a chance to get 4 strains analyzed by the Werc Shop analytical lab in Bellevue Washington to see what kind of terpenes and THC / CBD content they have. Click here for a PDF of all four strains lab results. The four strains tested were Elephant, Aliens on Moonshine, Red Dragon, and the awesome purple weed, Querkle. This is my review on the Red Dragon strain.
Sativa vs Indica: 60% Indica and 40% Sativa
Content: THC 2.05% | THCA 14.26%

Barneys Farm
Red Dragon is a creation of Amsterdam’s Barneys Farm

Genetics: The Red Dragon strain genetics are Utopia Haze X Himalaya, Afghanistan. Red Dragon flowering time is about 60 to 74 days. Red Dragon seeds are available from Barneys Farm.
Appearance: As with most strains, there’s different phenotypes. One is more sativa dominant, one is more indica dominant. It appears the flowers I have are the indica dom. Tight dense buds, with a nice layer of frost over fiery reddish orange hairs. The pictures definitely don’t do this bud justice.

Red Dragon grow
Planning a Red Dragon grow? Let us know in the comments below…

Smell: First I’ll describe what I smell from the weed itself, then I’ll list the different terpenes the lab test found. A delicate piney smell wafts as the bud gets cracked open. Sweet undertones surround a more earthy backdrop, painted over with highlights of spice and a subtle hint of citrus.

Terpene information can be found all over the net. Personally, i dig this informational post about terpenes on Icmag, and that’s where I’m getting a lot of this information from if you were curious. For the sake of this review I’m only commenting on the information on the terpenes showing up over 1 mg per g.  All Terpenes are listed as mg / g:

β-Caryophyllene – 2.20
Caryophyllene is found in black pepper, clove and cotton and has a sweet, woody and dry odor. It tastes peppery and with an astringent background. It is found in smaller %’s in many other green, leafy vegetables, herbs, and spices. Caryophyllene contributes to black pepper’s spiciness. Caryophyllene oil is also used industrially to enhance tobacco flavor.

Red Dragon Seeds
Red Dragon strain seeds are available from Barneys Farm

α-Humulene – 1.03
Has an aroma that has been described as bitter, medium woody, and hoppy. α-Humulene has shown anti-inflammatory properties. Humulene is one of the essential oils made in the flowering cone of the hops plant Humulus lupulus. The concentration of humulene varies among different varieties of the plant, but can be up to 40% of the essential oil of noble hops.

Limonene – 1.07
Everyone is familiar with the odor of citrus resins, but not everyone know that this terpene is f
ound in large amounts in cannabis resin. You can find more info on Limonene in my Aliens on Moonshine review.

Red Dragon Strain Flowering TimeMyrcene – 1.54
Mycrene smells like hops and clove. It’s also been describes as having an Earthy, green-vegetative aroma. It also possesses some citrus, fruity and minty nuances. The various odors are the result of slight differences in the overall makeup. All of these flavors and odors are commonly used to describe Cannabis. Read more about Mycrene here.

Red Dragon Strain SeedsTerpinolene – 1.59
Has a medium strength, herbal aroma that has been described as fresh, woody, sweet and piney with a hint of citrus. Its flavor is a sweet, woody, terpy, lemon and lime-like with a slight herbal and floral nuance. It is used as a flavor and fragrance agent. Its use in fragrances in the USA alone exceeds 50,000 lb/yr. Terpinolene is used in soap, detergent, creams, lotions, and perfume.

α-Bisabolol – .65

Caryophyllene Oxide – .19

Linalool – .35

α-Pinene – .64

β-Pinene – .61

Total Terpenes – 9.88 mg / g

Red Dragon Strain Pictures
Red Dragon Strain Pictures courtesy of Mat Lee

Flavor: Out of the bong I kept getting tastes of sweet earthy bud with a nice thick smoke that was smooth on both ends. I almost prefer this one more out of a joint, as it highlights the spicey peppery taste a bit more. Plus the smoke is completely delightful.
High: I’m going to start trying something new with these weed reviews. I’m going to review weed on my days off, and first thing in the morning. There’s nothing like getting out of the shower and getting dressed, so fresh and so clean, then getting balls deep in some of the best weed Washington has to offer. Plus being first thing in the morning wake and bake status, I’ll be far more sensitive to conveying the true feeling my endocannabinoid system gets from these different buds.

I feel like normally when I review these, it’s at the end of a long day of smoking weed, dabs, and work. It makes it much harder for me to gauge the feeling of the weed. Of course everyone is going to have a different experience based on internal and external variables, but it will make me feel better at least.

That being said, the Red Dragon brings out it’s more heady sativa sided traits. I started out with some bong rips as per usual, and that immediately brought out a nice uplifting heady high. There’s also some creativity hiding in there, as it’s what gave me the idea to just now write down how I want to start doing weed reviews. That’s pure sativa rambling, assuming my wonderful editors at SSL didn’t edit it out.

Red Dragon strain genetics
Red Dragon strain genetics & profile info provided by the Werc Ship

Overall: Out of the Querkle, the Elephant, and the Red Dragon, I’d have to say so far the Red Dragon is my favorite. We still have the Aliens on Moonshine to puff, but I’ve smoked it before, and I feel like it’s just not that kind of weed. We’ll see, but so far, with the taste, the smoke, the high, it’s all top notch for sure. I’m not going to give it a ten, as I haven’t run across anything that was absolutely the perfect specimen of what a cannabis strain can be, but perhaps one day. The Red Dragon deserves every bit of the 9 that it’s getting. Right up there with the Snoops Blue Dream I reviewed a while ago. Which is the only other flower I’ve given a 9 to. Take from that what you will, this is definitely stuff stoners like.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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  1. RobG

    Thats isnt real Red Dragon homie. Im in philly and we get Red Dragon regularly from Oregon. Its smells like strait guava fruit and haze. They gave you some genric indica and called it Red Dragon. The buds look completly differnt too. Ive gotten both indica and sativa phenos and the smell is always guava and haze. It actually tastes like the color purple if thats possible.

  2. Rimkush

    I have grown one red dragon from barney( from seed) and it’ s the same bud than on this photo with the same smell and taste not fruit or haze smelling.
    100% kush in overall

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