Rosin Rorshach Contest

dr dabber reviewTake the Stuff Stoners Like Rosin Roshach Test. And you could win a killer prize pack from Dr. Dabber that includes:

  • Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit featuring:
    1 Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen
    1 Extra Ghost Atomizer
    1 Shatterproof Storage Ball
    1 USB Charger
  • Dr. Dabber Handblow Glass Percolator Attachment
    Fill the unit with water, then attach the adapter to your device for the smoothest, cleanest vapor possible. will fit on any battery with a 510 threading
  • Dr. Dabber Globe Attachment
    A single Dr. Dabber Globe attachment with mouthpiece. Measures approximately 6.5cm in length.
  • Dr. Dabber Snapback Hat, Dab Mat and assorted stickers

dr dabber ghost pen
TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling us what you see in each pic below.






Chadwick-BasstardoFBContest ends April 20 at 4:20 PST. Must be 18 to be eligible. To enter leave a comment below telling us what you see in each of the Rosin Rorshach images above. Then share this post on our Facebook page, reblog it on our tumbr or tweet your answers to @stoner_stuff using hashtag #rosin (Like this: 1. Skull 2. Taco 3. Satan #rosin) The answer that makes us laugh the most will win the Dr. Dabber Prize Pack, STUFF STONERS LIKE STICKERS and a pack of our signature ROLLING PAPERS—if you live in the US we’ll cover shipping, if you don’t…shipping’s on you, dude.

What is Rosin? Dude, rosin is all the rage right now. It’s an emerging process of creating cannabis concentrates using a $20 flat iron instead of expensive systems used to create BHO. And as our writer Mat Lee investigated this new weed-pressing process he discovered a striking similarity between Rosin Tech and Roshach Tests. So we had to put together a contest.

Rosin Photo Credits located HERE. Danks for shaing ’em with us. Big Danks to Dr. Dabber for hooking us up with the prizes. Read our review of their killer Ghost Kit here.

dr dabber ghost pen review_

dr dabber

41 Responses to “Rosin Rorshach Contest”

  1. Seci

    Eagle, butterfly, owl

  2. Rona

    all 3 look like butterflys to me…

  3. Maurice D. Randle

    1.) A monstar from Space Jam
    2.) Butterflies
    3.) A falcon (bottom) flying away from an explosion

  4. shesh

    falcon earlopes and butterfly

  5. Anthony101

    1. Lungs
    2. Double butterfly
    3. A hawk flying through a black cloud

  6. BigB61

    #1. Siamese twins conjoined at the head. #2. Butt prints. #3. An Aliens head.

  7. aaron ademiluyi


  8. Becks

    1. Alien from Aliens
    2. Angel of Concentrates
    3. Atlas Sculpture

  9. robert balsavage

    butt and part of legs like someone sitting down.,butterfly,and monster face.

  10. Joe Human

    1.) The Beast; Satanos
    2.) A Butterfly Someone Spilled Coffee On, Then It Flew Away
    3.) The Birth Canal With A Bit O’ Poo

  11. Dorian Sims

    1. Iron Giant/ The Mothman 2. Spongebobs “used” napkin 3. What my napkin looks like after too much blunts

  12. Ethan

    1. ASS
    2. Titties & Tight Jeans
    3. Lame Yield

  13. Macky Mccollum

    1. Uterus. 2. Butterfly. 3. Grey Alien
    This was fun guys!

  14. tj

    1. Cracking skulls 2. Butterfly 3. Angry frog #rosin

  15. WeetisPotPie

    The fly, from the old b/w horror flick
    Butterfly coming out of a cocoon
    Wizard hat from the Wizard of Oz

  16. frank kordic

    1. buttocks 2. bitterly 3. the vag and its wonders.

  17. Dan Rossi

    1 the Hulk 2 moth 3 owl

  18. Andrew Vlad

    1. Moth 2. Easter bunny 3. Butterfly

  19. JJ Galati

    1. Sea Turtle
    2. Glinda the Good witch of the north (wizard of Oz)
    3. An owl but more specially the one i have tattooed on my Forearm trippy Lol

  20. Jason

    #1 I see Jim Carry from his movie the Cable Guy
    #2 I see either a cat or a dude with a beard with man tits haha
    #3 I see… A va jj (a vagina) o.O haha

    Cheers guys hope everyone is good and Stoney 😀 PEACE!!

  21. Colt DeMorris

    Picture 1: I see a racoon (or similar small animal) doing a head stand with its hind legs coming over his head.

    Picture 2: I see an owl starring back at me with big eyes.

    Picture 3: I see where a dirty girl sat down, leaving a snail trail. (lol)

    Wow, my mind is warped!!! Yeah buddy!

  22. william webber

    1. A sleestack from land of the lost 2. Oops baby sat down and left an accident. 3. Doc says I’m OK but this don’t look right.

  23. Jack

    1. Lungs
    2.monarch butterfly

  24. King Midas

    Lungs butterfly owl

  25. Greg

    1 Ballrog from LOTR
    2 Oblina from Ahhh Real Monsters
    3 Gamabunta from Naruto

  26. Austin

    1. Snoopdog’s lungs
    2. my morning dab
    3. what I spit out after my morning dab

  27. HempsterSkoonie

    1 Brown butterfly 2 yellow butterfly 3 hands cupped full of weed

  28. Anonymous

    1) a butt
    3) cobra snake

  29. Saylor Moon

    Moth, butterfly, heart

  30. big dawg

    1) women bent over
    2) butterfly
    3) a rose

  31. brub

    1. Lungs
    2. Old lady torso with heavy hangers!
    3. A lizard man’s head

  32. Yummerbunny

    In every one of them I see ass and boobs. Looks like the photocopier concept in concentrated! Or maybe I’m just high

  33. Francisco Puente

    1.Woman twerking
    2.Butterfly ripped in half
    3.Greedo from star wars

  34. Nicole

    I see…

    1) Deformed cow
    2) Moth
    3) Reptilian face

  35. sammabis

    1. Someone’s ass print sitting down & smoking a bowl after getting out of the pool
    2. A monarch BUDDERfly in all its summertime glory
    3. A heart

  36. Edy Haskull

    1. The Hulk from behind with a pant load, holding a severed head in one hand and a knife in the other.
    2. Butt print with a shart! at the top and side boobs with upturned nips at the bottom.
    3. Arial view of a trained 420 Falcon lazered in on Chris Christie’s donut filled lair! (He hates weed!)

  37. megan

    3)alien with a mustache.

  38. dan harp

    1. owl
    2. butterfly
    3. rose

  39. David brooks

    2.butterfly working on my Internet until 5 on 4:20 to ruin my chances at all the fun today.

  40. Theodore J. Jones

    Butterfly ,Butterfly , Like some bird And no I have never try wax before

  41. Audrey bash

    1 angel wings 2 butterfly. 3 outline of owl head.

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