Santa Clara & San Jose Police Arrest More Than 20 WEED Providers

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As Californians celebrate the decriminalization of marijuana today, according to our friends over at the Silicon Valley ASA, a joint task force of Santa Clara County and San Jose police have arrested and raided over 20 marijuana providers over the last 24 hours, mainly targeting delivery services. The police also published a statement calling these  “drug dealers who have perverted the law.”

Make no mistake, it’s the POLICE and PROSECUTORS who have perverted the law! Reportedly, several of the arrested patients spent the night in jail, sleeping on concrete with little food and water as well as no medicine!

In a show of support Silicon Valley ASA is organizing a vigil tonight and are asking us to spread the word. The vigil will be held at 7:30 pm on the steps outside the Hall of Justice in San Jose.

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