Sessions Launches Task Force Targeting Opioid Manufacturers & Distributors

Hero Sessions opiodOur least favorite, weed hating Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, made an announcement yesterday to a handful of state AG’s at the Justice Department.

He has a task force designed to target the drug manufacturers and distributors of opioids and he is calling it PIL (Prescription Interdiction and Litigation).

Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to President Donald Trump, and the one in charge of the White House’s campaign to stem opioid abuse was by his side during the news conference. She sat in tow as he spoke and said, “We will use criminal penalties, we will use civil penalties. We will use whatever laws and tools we have to hold people accountable if they break our laws.”

Sessions said he is ordering the task force “to examine existing state and local government lawsuits against opioid manufacturers to determine if we can be of assistance.”

“In fact, we are already getting involved in these cases. I am announcing today that the department will file a statement of interest in a lawsuit against a number of opioid manufacturers and distributors for allegedly using false, deceptive, and unfair marketing of opioid drugs,” Sessions said.

The plaintiffs include many cities, municipalities, and medical institutions “that have borne the costs of the prescription opioid crisis,” the department said. The AG’s office also said,”The plaintiffs seek to recover the costs associated with providing treatment and public safety measures relating to the opioid epidemic from those who allegedly used false, deceptive, or unfair marketing practices for prescription opioid drugs.”

The Justice Department will primarily argue that the federal government — through various federal health programs and law enforcement efforts — has borne substantial costs from the opioid epidemic and seeks reimbursement.

Our least favorite weed hating AG ended the news conference by stating, “These are not our last steps. We will continue to attack the opioid crisis from every angle. And we will continue to work tirelessly to bring down the number of opioid prescriptions, reduce the number of fatal overdoses, and to protect the American people.”

Sounds like our least favorite weed hating AG just created another useless bureaucratic layer to analyze and discuss an epidemic that will kill at least 91 people today. Sessions and Kellyanne Conway continue to ignore the medicinal value of marijuana and the association between legalized marijuana and lower opioid related deaths. If they wanted to help the states in their plight to combat the worst epidemic in history they would legalize it. It’s just that simple, and they should start by adopting Peter Tosh’s masterpiece as their anthem. Of course, this is a stoner’s dream, but sometimes we all need to dream a little to get through the insanity of what actually is.

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