Skin Protection from Direct Sun And CBD

Summer is almost here. Most people like to spend their time outside in a sunny environment and get some sun. Tan has become a new fashion these days. People soaking under the sun at the beach is not a new thing. But one should not forget that whether you are on the beach, in the water, or at a café, the sunrays are a risk to the people. In the last few years, the sun has become more dangerous due to pollution. The hole in the ozone layer lets the UV rays enter directly and it is harmful to people. Our skin, which is exposed to the sun without proper protection, is primarily at risk. The consequences of too much sun on unprotected skin can be serious; anything is possible, from allergies to skin cancer.

Prepare the Skin in Good Time

Before you go into the blazing sun after the winter with unprotected skin or fly to the corner, where the sun is even more extreme than where you are, you should slowly get your skin used to the rays. Oils, among others, can be helpful. Natural oils from products such as coconut, hemp, or olives have the property of blocking up to 30% of UV rays. The advantage is that the oils care for the skin and provide it with the necessary moisture. Just like indica flower and other cannabis products, there are CBD infused sun protection cream that you can use to protect the screen. They are believed to be very effective.

Choose the Right Sun Protection Products

Just like we said, sun protection cream or lotion is important and one should never step out in the sun without sun protection factor. There are multiple sun protection products available in the market and one should never choose the product according to his/her skin type. Read the instruction carefully applying the cream. Most brands recommend applying before 20-30 minutes before going out. After 3-4 hours, it is required to reapply the cream. In addition, one should also look into the SPF of the sunscreen. The choice of SPF depends on the places you are going and the time of the visit.

Don’t forget to protect your eyes. Always wear sunglasses while in the sun. Avoid cheap goggles that can only be used as fashion accessories. It is important to pay attention to labels such as UV Protection on the goggles, otherwise, the bright rays of the sun can damage the eyes.

Don’t go Out in the Midday Sun

Sunbathing should be avoided especially around noon. The UV rays are strongest between 11 to 3 in the day, so spend this time at home or in the shade. Avoiding the sun at this time of day is particularly important for kids. Your skin reacts more strongly to the action of the sun and, in addition to all of the measures already mentioned, should be protected by sun hats and long, thin clothing. A higher sun protection factor of up to 50 SPF is also recommended.

Contrary to popular opinion, sensitive and un-tanned skin can be tanned in the tanning salon at the beginning of summer, dermatologists advise against it. The light in the tanning salon is artificial and therefore does not protect against natural UV rays.We are not saying that you should avoid at all cost. If you are living in a country like Canada and enjoying some edibles Canada in the cold weather then, it is important for you to get some sunlight. But it is essential to prepare yourself well before sunbathing, then you can enjoy the warm weather and avoid annoying sunburn or sunstroke. Your skin will thank you in the future because this will protect it from cancer and prevent aging processes too quickly.

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