Snoop Dogg Releases New Book—That You Can SMOKE

Perennial STUFF STONERS LIKE Favorite, Snoop Dogg—#89 on the PERIODIC TABLE OF STUFF STONERS LIKE—just came out with a new book. That you can smoke! Yes, we’re hella high. NO, we are not kidding.

Snoop Dogg’s limited edition, “Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook” is made with Snoop’s Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers. The cover of this brilliant thang is constructed outta hemp and has one of those scratchy thangs you use to strike a match, running down the spine. Plus, each individual rolling paper is printed with lyrics to classic Snoop joints like “Gin and Juice,” “Still a G Thang” and “What’s My Name,” using nontoxic smokable ink.

“This thing can also be smoked with some of your finest, where you at or however you at,” Snoop says in the video above.

From what we hear you can score a copy of Snoop’s Smokable Songbook at the upcoming Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California, happening later this month where Snoop’s scheduled to headline with the legendary Chronic-toker, Dr. Dre.

Snoop Dogg Smokable Songbook with Rolling Papers

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    He was arrested in Norway today

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