David Rappoccio of Kissing Suzy Kobler likes to fuck with the NFL. And it’s awesome. So far Rappo has put Manningface on all 32 logos, made all 32 logos into fine British gentlemen, re-designed all 32 uniforms and Photoshoped every QB onto their team’s namesake. Now he’s given the weed world an idea of what all the NFL logos would look like STONED:

In other weed-related NFL news, yesterday The NFL upheld the one-year suspension for Browns receiver Josh Gordon, meaning that because he tested positive for weed he’s not eligible to return to his team until August 27, 2015. Gordon appealed the suspension, arguing that his positive test was the result of second-hand marijuana smoke and that his positive test was only slightly above the NFL’s threshold. The NFL apparently was unmoved. Now, there are multiple reports saying Gordon might sue the league in order to be allowed to play in 2014.

All STONED NFL images from: KissingSuzieKobler

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