Student Arrested for Pro Pot Demonstration

legalizeitWhat student stoner, at some point in time, hasn’t written a persuasive essay on the Legalization movement? But, among you with your hands up in the air…how many of you punctuated your essay by smoking a joint in front of the class while presenting the said…persuasive essay? Sure, firing up a joint would make the presentation more authentic and more persuasive to a teacher and audience with a contact high…but it led to an arrest, unfortunately.

According to buzz-killin’ Pierce County sheriff’s detective Ed Troyer, the student smoked the joint during his essay, sat down, finished smoking the j and then ate the end. The teacher of the class contacted the school resources officer, a Pierce County sheriff’s deputy, who found a small residual amount of marijuana on the student, Troyer said. The student, a 17-year-old junior with a 3.7 grade-point average, was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana by Pierce County deputies no word on his grade just yet. But we here at Stuff Stoners Like give the dude and A. Wondering what the essay said?

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