Got any WEED on I can shoot you in the face?STUFF STONERS LIKE are going to END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION! We’re going to kill it once and for all…shoot that motherfucker dead with a SILVER BULLET right through the heart! Since 1937 the United States Government has lied about marijuana claiming it’s a dangerous drug with absolutely no medical value. It wasn’t a team of educated doctors or scientists who came to such conclusions; it was those who had much to gain by stripping citizens of their rights.

The very first, depression-era, marijuana laws in our great nation actually mandated farmers to grow weed. But, by the Reagan administration there was an all out WAR waged against marijuana and it’s users. Make no mistake the WAR ON DRUGS is a war on people. The WAR exists to strip every single one of us in this country of one of our most very basic Human Rights, the right to choose your medicine. But it’s not just affecting people, but pets too and it’s not just happening here on home soil as the long arm of US law recently plucked activist Marc Emery and turned him into a Political Prisoner by extraditing him for selling seeds from Canada.  Just like prohibiting alcohol, prohibiting marijuana destroys lives by creating criminals, criminal activity and a criminal market.

It’s not logic or facts that’s going to finally KILL MARIJUANA PROHIBITION…it’s a SILVER BULLET! If the United States Government claims marijuana has no medical value, then why have they been supplying Irvin Rosenfeld medical marijuana for the last 28 years? Irvin Rosenfeld is that SILVER BULLET.

STUFF STONERS LIKE are collaborating with Irv, who’s a successful stockbroker in Florida. He loves his wife, he loves baseball and he’d LOVE to finally END MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROHIBITION ONCE AND FOR ALL! We just got off the phone with him, he says hi, by the way. He’s written a great book about being that SMOKING GUN, that SILVER BULLET…but most importantly about being a walking contradiction: How can the government claim marijuana isn’t medicine, but at the same time give it to him to use as medicine?

Irvin Rosenfeld and Stuff Stoners Like on a MISSION to End  PROHIBITION
Irvin Rosenfeld and Stuff Stoners Like on a MISSION to End PROHIBITION

President Obama, who’s administration opposes Legalization, used social networking to influence our country, push his agenda and win an election; we’d like to use it to finally LEGALIZE MARIJUANA, by promoting Irv and his story. By promoting our SILVER BULLET, Irv Rosenfeld…one of only four persons alive in the country today (yep there are others out there) who’s given FREE WEED as MEDICINE by the Federal Government which doesn’t recognize WEED as MEDICINE…see the rhetoric? Well, nobody else does…and that’s why we need to spread Irv’s message to educate the masses, expose the lies and rhetoric, exonerate patients, FINALLY end the persecution, the discrimination, the judgment, the abuse, the senseless violence, THE WAR against marijuana and it’s users.

Irvin’s book is available here. Pick it up, read it, and pass it along to your friends to help Irv and STUFF STONERS LIKE accelerate the demise of Medical Marijuana Prohibition.

This is a CALL TO ACTION people! Now’s the time. By promoting Irv, you’re promoting the end to medical marijuana prohibition. By ending that prohibition, you’re ending oppression…let’s work together to bring a end to oppression and take back what’s rightfully ours; the right to use and the right to grow Marijuana.


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  1. L. Vacavant

    Legalization didn’t occur on November 2, the year of 2010, but it might take place in November 2012, when Americans vote for a president and congress, with turnout always more than for mid-term elections. That’s why drug experts think that almost 3. 5 million Californians voted pertaining to legalization will spur debate not alone over U. S. marijuana prohibition but in the global drug control system in general.

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