Stoners Don’t Like Mayonnaise

Seriously, do we even have to fucking explain?

26 Responses to “Stoners Don’t Like Mayonnaise”

  1. MAC

    Yummy, all I need is a spoon.

  2. dude

    i actually dont like it

  3. whoooty-de-whoot?

    How do you not like mayonaise? It’s awesome. I know you guys over in the US don’t eat it with fries, but you gotta try it. It’s gooooood!
    Peace out from Germanaaaayy

  4. Baschive

    i think mayo sucks by itself, i could only hav it on a burger, or certain sandwiches

  5. ben

    mayo sucks but miracle whip is good

  6. ben

    and they are VERY diferent

  7. LucysPet


  8. rrr

    you guys are getting lazy, elaborate.

  9. GOD

    I could not have my fries with out ketchup and mayo!
    sorry but mayo is awsome!!!

  10. stoner

    mayoinase is only three atoms away from being seran wrap

  11. stoner

    mayoinase is only three atoms away from being seran wrap

  12. Fuckyou_ihatethesystem

    mayonaise tastes like white goat poo..oh do really gots poo white ,what the fuck im saying?

  13. Anonymous

    That shit is nasty. I totally agree, do you even have to explain!?

  14. allen

    dude! homemade mayo is the bomb! just gotta season it just right with the proper combination of lemon juice, salt, and vinegar and there is nothing bad about it.

    but that shit in the jar… yeah, fuck that!

  15. gregory isaacs

    would you like mayo with your potbellies turkey and swiss ………… HELLL Nooooooo

  16. ForestDune

    I don’t like it .. or anything with it in it

  17. Yodawg

    Yo check it, Im a pretty hardcore stoner, and I HATE fucking Mayonnaise!

    word up!

  18. jakamoto

    what’s wrong with a bit of mayo, or even a lot of it? that and msg are all the seasonings you ever need, msg for posh food and mayonnaise for low-rent food.. yum yum

  19. Abbieee

    mayonnaise is naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty.
    miracle whip is better.
    i smokee weed err day and i hate mayo(:

  20. Name

    ide fuck a bottle of mayo , with a condom of course

  21. humboldtguy

    always hated this crap. Its nothing more than a food lubricant.

  22. Giselle Polanco


  23. Johnnyboy

    smoke all day everyday, and mayo is the shit. FUCK MUSTARD

  24. Oldtimemoonshine

    I use mayo on everything! Even when I’m doing all yer moms

  25. Smoking...

    Y’all american stoners are weird. Mayonnaise is AWESOME.
    Cheers from Spain.

  26. stoner_stuff

    hehe. that’s funny, man. you dudes fuckin’ drown ’em in that shit we hear.

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