How to Supplement A Marijuana Garden With Molasses

How to Supplement A Marijuana Garden With MolassesHow to Supplement A Marijuana Garden With Molasses

Question: I’m curious about how to supplement a marijuana garden with molasses. Should I wait until flowering to add molasses to my watering schedule? Also, when should I stop giving my plants the additive?

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: You can use molasses throughout the whole plant life-cycle, but you’ve got to use it sparingly, you know what I’m saying. In veg you can use it as an ultimate Cal Mag supplement if you don’t want to use let’s say CaliMagic, or the Cal Mag from General Organics. Molasses is a perfect supplement for that, but you would want to use like a dime to a nickel-shot per gallon. Make sure your molasses is unsulfured too.

The best molasses I can recommend, and it’s in our book The Kitchen, is the Whole Foods Brand. The next best is the glass bottle shit—the old school joint. I forgot the name of it but it comes in glass—not the gramma shit. The gramma she’s like third best. Dr. Bronners has one too, but the best you can get is from Whole Foods—spin the bottle back around and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

But back to your question—put like a dime shot or capful per gallon of water and give that to your plants once or no more than twice a week. If you put too much molasses in your plants they will get ugly pretty fast and you’ll be wondering what went wrong and why they look like that.

Now if you’re using molasses as a supplement for Cal Mag I would recommend that you add a dime-shot to a gallon of water and feed your vegging plants no more than two or three times a week because it’s going to build up in the soil—again less is more. During flowering you want to give it a capful per gallon once or twice a week. You should stop all molasses and other sugar waters around two to three weeks out from harvest—just flush the girls out. Your plants will have enough calcium, magnesium, vitamins and all of that shit. Also that black strap unsulfured molasses will feed the micro bio life in your soil, like mycorrhizae, so you’re going to have a strong plant. It will be very sweet-tasting too and it’s going to pack on the wait.

Depending on when your plants are going to finish always stop all molasses about two and half or three weeks out from harvesting. Because if you keep that molasses up for too long your product will burn very hot and the taste won’t be very pleasant at all. If your plant has a 10 week flowering time stop feeding it molasses around week 8. If it’s an autoflowering strain and you know she finishes in 70 days from seed, by day 50 to 55 stop giving it molasses and just use straight fresh water.

Trust me if you use molasses correctly you’ll have an awesome product in weight and density. It’ll smoke wonderfully and be really good medicine. Keep those questions coming! All of our love from The Kitchen! Stay lifted, Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy

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  1. Bigbuddy

    I’m about to put my girl into flowering. Can I just and the mollasses to my water with nutes. Going to add about a cap full to one gallon .and water with till the last 10 or 15 days till harvest. The last days just pH water. Does that sound like a good idea? Any info will be greatly appreciated. I’m a first time grower.

  2. Dave

    Just do pretty much what these guys say and you should be just fine. If your nutes though already include a sufficient amount of Magnesium, you would not want to include Molasses, because Molasses has magnesium, and when too much magnesium is left in the soil come harvest, it will send the turpenes south, which will negatively affect the flavor of the bud something awful, so bad that you would need a cough drop after each hit just to smoke it. So even if you make a mistake with this stuff, better to make a small mistake than a big one, so the answer is, go easy, and pull before it is too late. I generally go to pure water after I see that the ambering of hairs is genuinely on it’s way. Once they begin the process of ambering, I only give them pure water, and it is always better a little sooner than a little later, because the soil actually holds a good amount of food in it, and much much more people overfeed than ever underfeed. Overfeeding is a very easy mistake to make, even for a seasoned grower, so proceed with caution.

  3. Anonymous

    impressed with –
    the way this was presented


  4. Dave

    Thanks for reminding me. I have become so afraid of molasses, that I keep not feeding it. Humic Acid is another addition you want to add to your soil properly, to feed the turpenes within the plants you are growing. {Turpenes give flavor and smoothness to smoke} ;so never too much or too little of Humic Acid, and you should always tune it in just right……..very good stuff I believe amigo.

  5. Benny

    Been using molasses since my first grow and have learned less is best but they do love it. My outdoor plants look perfect this year. Feeding only some kind of worm juice and molasses.

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