THC Detox: Drinks vs Pills What’s the Difference?

THC Detox: Drinks vs Pills What's the Difference?

You need to pass a drug test out of the blue. Maybe it’s for pre-employment, maybe to compete in a sport, or maybe you just want to detox THC to get your tolerance back (take a T-break). Regardless what your reasons are, you have many options. 

Among the products you will find readily available on the internet there are a few common categories of ormulations. This article will focus on the main two: drinks and pills. Both have their place but they work in different ways depending on your personal needs and detox goals.

Firstly, it is a good idea to do an assessment of yourself upfront. Here’s a calculator if you need help estimating how long a proper detox may take you: THC Detox Calculator

The biggest factors on your road to THC detox are: size, age, gender, usage both frequency and product type, and time already abstinent. After you know about how much time you have, versus what you can expect to realistically accomplish it’s time to form a game plan. 

THC Detox Drinks
This is where knowing the different types of formulations come into play. THC Detox Drinks are typically “masking” agents. Meaning they don’t physically pull THC metabolites out of your system permanently but rather decrease the concentration found in your urine for a brief period through dilution. Sometimes that’s enough to work. Often times it’s not or it can even flag your sample. It may still work though especially if you have some time to work with to be abstinent upfront prior to using the drink. However, if you’re a heavy user, it’s not realistic to pass with just this without sometimes several weeks abstinence prior. 

THC Detox Pills
This is where the pills come into play. Several THC detox pills have you take a specific number of capsules, daily for some period of time, sometimes multiple times a day, far prior to the test. But be careful! Make sure the product you are buying is being marketed as a “permanent” THC detox. If it’s only a few capsules you take prior to the test then it is most likely just another masking product—which is actually worse than simply choosing the drink option straight up.

Permanent THC detox is what you want for the time being, to increase your body’s output of metabolites and elimination of them. Once finished, test yourself at home (we recommend standard 50ng/ml urine THC test strips) and assuming you’re negative at that point you are all set as long as you’re abstinent between then and the real test.

Still need help? Feel free to check us out and let us know how we can help you meet your detox needs: Green Gone Detox

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