TWITTER POLL RESULTS: Which Beatle Would Ya Burn With?

Bob Dylan Got the Beatles STONED 50 Years Ago TodayIt’s widely known the Beatles we’re big fans of smoking weed. Back in late ’64, they first got stoned with Bob Dylan in a New York Hotel, an event that changed the course of music. It all started when Dylan misunderstood a line in the song I Want To Hold Your Hand…so we imagine their conversation went something like this…

Dylan: “What’s up, Beatles, dudes…so you guys wanna get high, man?”
The Beatles:
(After a very long pause ): “Uhm, we’ve never smoked marijuana before.”
“What the fuck? You got to be kidding me, man? But, what about your song, man? You know, and when I touch you I get high, I get high…’
The Beatles:
(After a very long pause ) “Uhm…the words are, I can’t hide, I can’t hide, I can’t hide…
“Whatever, dudes…so, uh, we gonna smoke some weed or what?”

Now, on to the TWITTER POLL results…which Beatle would you burn with:

John: 35.9%
Paul: 12.5%
George: 28.1%
Ringo: 23.4%

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