Urb CBG Caviar Moon Rock Review

CBG Caviar Moon Rocks from Urb

Our buds from Lifted Made sent over a few really interesting products from thier new Urb line to test out. And none of it will get us HIGH. That’s because it contains high amounts of a cannabinoid called CBG and just traces amounts of THC aka the high causer—not at all enough to get you high. Why in the world would anyone smoke weed that doesn’t get them high? That’s a good question. But first, let’s answer a more obvious one; what exactly is CBG?

What’s CBG
CBG or Cannabigerol is one of more than 110 cannabinoids contained in a weed plant. Like many other cannabinoids including THC and CBN (Cannabinol) CBG provides therapeutic relief to patients. It also fits seamlessly into the endocannabinoid receptors found in the human brain, nervous system and organs.

Cannabigerol is typically found in higher concentrations in hemp rather than in varieties of cannabis cultivated for high THC content. Scientists first discovered Cannabigerol in 1964 as a constituent of hash. In 1975 researchers discovered that the acid form of Cannabigerol, called CBGA, is the first cannabinoid formed in a growing marijuana plant. In fact CBGA is the essential precursor for all the cannabinoids found in the glistening marijuana trichomes that we know and love.

Will CBG get you high?
Will CBG get you stoned? Probably not. That’s because it’s mostly considered a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. However, there’s not really enough research out there to know for sure. Maybe consuming copious amounts of Cannabigerol will get you high? Anyhow, we do know that CBG needs higher temperatures to vaporize than THC.

Why consume CBG?
You’re provably asking yourself, why would anyone waste their time smoking CBG. We’ll the main reason would be to relieve anxiety. Consuming CBG is said to also do the following:

  • reduce inflammation (helpful for inflammatory bowel disease)
  • reduce paranoia and anxiety
  • decrease the ocular pressure of glaucoma
  • reduce or eliminates cancerous tumors
  • act as an anti-bacterial agent

Because of the unique way that cannabigerol interacts with the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors some researchers believe that it may counteract the paranoia associated cannabis—especially high-THC strains. Apparently CBG acts as a buffer allowing people to consume medical marijuana that would otherwise deliver a potentially debilitating psychological effect. Some studies indicate that CBG acts as a cannabis efficacy “traffic cop” helping balance the effects of different cannabinoids.

Cannabigerol also seems to mimic CBD in that it battles inflammation and reduces anxiety and muscle tension. Some researchers even believe that CBG is key to fighting cancerous tumors. Cannabis strains high in CBG have also been found to be an effective treatment for glaucoma—decreasing pressure in the eye while increasing the eye’s ability to drain fluids.

However, among CBG’s most impressive qualities are its anti-inflammatory properties. That means strains that are high in CBG could help patients with a variety of ailments from inflammatory bowel disease to Crohn’s. When it comes to marijuana and depression CBG is believed to be a big help acting as an antioxidant to ward off a variety of age-related afflictions.

Recently researchers discovered that CBG had neuroprotective effects in mice with Huntington’s Disease—a disease characterized by the degeneration of nerve cells in the brain. Researchers also reported that CBG reduced the progression of colon cancer in mice. This could possibly lead to a new treatment method soon.

Lifted Made’s Urb products
Because CBG isn’t psychoactive Lifted Made were able to get this stuff through the mail. What stuff? A jar of their Urb CBG Caviar Moon Rocks as well as a couple of really pretty pre-rolls—a CBG Caviar Cone and a White Whale Sativa pre-roll. Here’s what we thought.

CBG Moon Rock

Urb CBG Caviar Moon Rocks
Moon Rocks are the difference between a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a hot fudge sundae. Sure vanilla ice cream is tasty on its own. During a hot day that shit’ll hit the spot. But what’s better is sweet vanilla ice cream covered in rich, velvety dark fudge and covered with perfectly-toasted slivered almonds and topped with whipped cream and a cherry? Nothing, right, because that shit sounds delicious (especially if you’re stoned right now). So which would you rather have, dude? Plain bud or some moon rocks? No brainer, right?

Like regular Moon Rocks, which are bud rolled in THC, Urb CBG Moon Rocks are basically CBG-rich bud rolled around in CBG kief. They look fantastic. The nug was really dense and coated in kief. One look and our mouths started watering. The aroma was even better. It’s got some really familiar citrus scents that are the most pronounced along with some nice earthiness. If

The taste? Banging. Great flavor. We tested these out in a fresh bong with some clean water. The flavor was great. If you didn’t know this stuff was sans THC you wouldn’t know by the look, feel, aroma, or taste.

Effects? Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where Mia Wallace was all ODing on the bag of H that she found in Travolta’s pocket? He grabs that syringe and slams it into her chest and she pops right up? Well, I’m pretty sure that the syringe was filled with CBG. Because CBG is hella sobering. Just a hit or two and I’m not really feeling stoned.

Because it’s sobering this CBG Moon Rock is probably perfect to give someone who’s smoked or eaten too much weed to help them come down. In fact, timing an edible is tricky stuff—one minute you’re eating a funky weed-tasting cookie and the next you’re high AF and can’t remember why. Smoking some CBG might be a perfect way to help someone in a similar situation come down fast.

CBG Caviar Cone
The Urb CBG Caviar cone looks amazing, right? It has all the familiar sights, smells and flavors of traditional THC-laced weed except it too ain’t gonna get ya high. Nope not at all. It tasted great. Left behind some serious cottonmouth and made me feel slightly relaxed and sleepy.

URB CBG Products

White Whale Sativa pre-roll
This Urb hemp CBG pre-roll also looked pretty enticing. Dry hits were pretty tasty. Once lit, I couldn’t really tell the difference between this and an ordinary pre-rolled filled with THC. It smoked smooth. Again this CBG stuff would be great for anyone suffering from anxiety or paranoia from smoking too much weed.

Final thoughts
If you’re looking for weed that doesn’t get you high or a version that can help counteract a few of the common symptoms of getting high like anxiety and paranoia—you’d probably dig this CBG weed from Urb. You can order it online for maximum convenience. If you do, tell ’em that Stuff Stoners Like sent ya 

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