Water-Soluble vs Oil-Soluble CBD: Which is Better?

The popularity of CBD beverages is increasing due to its convenience; it can easily be mixed with any beverage. That’s why water-soluble CBD is becoming a common interest these days. Oil-soluble CBD, on the other hand, has been around for some time. But which is better? It’s a matter of preference to decide how to ingest CBD. But to be able to answer this question, we need to first clarify some points. 

Water-Soluble CBD

It’s no wonder that everyone right now is more interested in water-soluble CBD. Water is one of the most absorbable compounds from the body.  As proven by Zilis CBD Oil, absorption level can reach up to 94%. Since the CBD is absorbed quickly, water-soluble oils tend to offer the perfect solution if you want something that will quickly calm your anxiety. Oil-based CBD takes a longer duration to be completely absorbed, not to mention that the absorbed CBD at the end of this long process is much lower than the one absorbed from water-soluble CBD. 


  • Efficiency: We’ve mentioned that water-soluble CBD is designed to be absorbed quickly. The transition of water-soluble CBD to the bloodstream is considered one of the fastest among all CBD compounds. The reason that doses are more potent is that they use the body’s metabolism to augment the effects of CBD. 
  • Value: Water-Soluble CBD has become more affordable, yet it’s still on the pricier side. But you can still save more money as you can use much lower doses for the same effect.
  • Mixability: It’s quite easy to mix water-soluble CBD with almost any drink. A dose of it can be added to coffee to create a mesmerizing CBD cocktail. Some people who work out like to mix it with their pre or post-workout supplement routine and down it for maximum effect.

Oil-Soluble CBD

Oil-soluble CBD is the most basic form of the CBD. It’s an extracted CBD oil that doesn’t undergo a lot of chemicals or mechanical processes. Usually, there aren’t a lot of ways to ingest oil-soluble CBD when compared to water-soluble CBD. It still has some popular uses like being used in vapes and tinctures. It can compete with the efficiency of water-soluble CBD as long as the route of administration doesn’t require digestion.


  • Cheaper And More Available: Oil-soluble is easier to be extracted. It doesn’t need any synthetic process or any expensive technologies. The law of demand and supply concept in the market is the easiest explanation behind its price. It’s available in many forms more than water-soluble CBD oil which is harder to synthesize. That’s why Oil-soluble oil is cheaper. 

The explosion of the CBD market that resulted in all the options we have today is very recent. Not so long ago, we didn’t have any option other than CBD tincture. Back then, only a few companies dominated the market, and they only had tinctures and drops. Right now, we have more than enough options; you can eat CBD, vape it, eating it, and even mixing it with our drinks such as coffee and cocktails.

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