Weed Firecracker Recipe – Learn to Make the Easiest Edible Ever

firecracker recipeThe Best Weed Firecracker Recipe

This weed firecrackers is often called the easiest weed edible you can make. So get stoned and get ready for the easiest and the best weed firecracker recipe ever…

Out of all the stuff stoners like online, the weed firecrackers recipe is one of the most coveted weed edible around. Often called the easiest weed edible you can make, the weed firecracker is a cannabis kitchen staple to those in the know. So what are these firecracker weed filled classic cannabis delicacies people can’t seem to keep out of their mellow mouths? What’s the easiest weed firecrackers recipe?

Let’s find out how to make firecrackers weed all love to put in our face holes. There’s a ton of different weed firecrackers recipe out there, but how do you know which one is the best weed firecrackers recipe? Trial by fire of course. Keep on reading to learn how to make a firecracker weed all enjoy.

Weed Firecracker Recipe

Curious how to make a firecracker with weed yo? Pot firecrackers have been getting people feeling good since we knew about eating weed. Maybe you’ve got some weed but not a whole lot left. Maybe you just got some weed but it’s totally fucking gross to smoke because of how dry or tasteless it is. Maybe the edible high from the 11-hydroxy-THC suits you better than smoking weed does.

Perhaps you don’t want to spend a whole morning mixing and baking pot brownies or some other form of cannabis edible. The weed firecracker edible is just what the doctor ordered. Once you learn how to make firecracker edibles, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been on this whole weed firecrackers recipe from the beginning.

firecrackers weedWeed firecracker recipe ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own bomb ass weed firecrackers edibles:

That’s really it. Making firecrackers can be really easy, or as involved as you want it to be. Keep in mind that the higher the fat content of your peanut butter, and the more medium chain triglycerides it has, the more potent your weed firecracker will be. It’s not necessarily upping the potency itself, but allowing the cannabinoids to more easily be absorbed into our system, thus making the process more efficient.

How to make weed firecrackers

Everyone thinks they know how to make a firecracker edible, but there’s also a lot of different ways to make marijuana firecrackers. This firecracker edible recipe is one of the easiest I know about. You’ll first want to make sure the weed is decarboxylated. This will convert the THCA into THC, allowing the liver to do it’s thing and convert the THC into 11-OH-THC, which is the good stuff if you are trying to get a weed edible high happening. Since we’re only dealing with a gram or so of plant material, it won’t take long. Some people do this beforehand, grinding up the cannabis and putting it on a pan in the oven. Some people like to do this once the weed is on the peanut butter and the cracker. It’s completely up to you. Just make sure you understand that you need to decarb the weed first.

If you want to decarb first, grind that flower up and spread it on a baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 250 – 300 degrees F, depending on how well your oven works, and what your altitude is. Toss the ground up weed pan in there for about 10 to 15 minutes. If the weed is dust dry, you know it’s probably good to go.

Once that’s done, you’ll want to make sure the oven is set to 300 degrees F now. Take the crackers and the peanut butter and get a nice thick layer on each graham. The more the better, because it’s the fats in the peanut butter that the cannabinoids will bind to, so if you have more cannabinoids than bindable fat, you aren’t making a more potent edible, just wasting weed. If you want to make these with a little more oomph to them, you’ll need to not only up the weed content, but also the amount of peanut butter.

weed firecrackersSo spread the peanut butter on each cracker in a nice thick layer, then sprinkle the decarbed cannabis evenly over the top of half the crackers. About a tablespoon on each should be sufficient. Some people also like to mix the cannabis into the peanut butter beforehand, then spreading it onto the crackers. Either way works.

Once you have the crackers covered in the fire, you’ll place these on a baking sheet and put them back into the oven for about 20 minutes. You’ll want to check on them about halfway through at ten minutes just to make sure everything is going according to plan. The fweed firecrackers recipe is making available to the masses is definitely some stoney stuff stoners like.

You can even get creative and add other things to your weed firecrackers. Some people have suggested bacon, with the fats possibly giving the weed firecracker an even higher bioavailability than the plain peanut butter. Some people put marshmallows in a weed firecracker fluffernutter sort of steez.

The firecracker is your oyster and you are only limited by your own imagination. Do you have a cool weed firecracker recipe or something you like to add in when making your weed firecrackers? Drop a comment below and share the word. Now you all should know exactly how to make weed firecrackers.

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