White Nightmare Marijuana Strain Review

White Nightmare MarijuanaWhite Nightmare Marijuana Strain Review

Marijuana Strain: White Nightmare
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet located at 613 Montana Ave #2 South Bend, Washington 360-875-8189
Farm: Forbidden Farms
Harvest Date: 8/23/15
Type: Sativa Dominant
Content: THC 22% | CBD .3%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams
Genetics: Blue Dream X White Moonshine

White Nightmare
White Nightmare from Growers Outlet

Appearance and Feel: The Forbidden Farms White Nightmare looks sexy AF. Yes, that’s right. The “As Fuck” as a unit has completely invaded my lexicon. Everything is whatever it is, as fuck. If that makes sense. So yeah, this White Nightmare is stuff stoners like as fuck.

Wait, that doesn’t work. Fuck it. This is some damn nice looking weed, as you can see by the pictures. The buds are a lighter green with dark pistils and a frosty dusting of trichomes throughout. Beautiful stuff really.

White Nightmare Weed
White Nightmare Weed is a Sativa dominant cross of Blue Dream and White Moonshine

Tremendously sticky if you are breaking it apart with your fingers. I definitely don’t recommend touching your phone after handling this weed, unless you want a sticky icky screen.
Smell: This shit right here has a sweet sour scent, with highlights of that berry goodness, from the Blue Dream side, and some pungent earthy goodness from the White Moonshine side, whatever that happens to be.

White Nightmare Strain
White Nightmare is some damn nice looking weed

From what I could find online, the White Moonshine is somewhat of a legendary strain. Regardless, at the end of the day, it’s some damn fine smelling weed. Smiles won’t be the only thing lighting up around the table when you pull out a fat sack of the White Nightmare.

Of course when you crack the bud open and get yourself a solid sniff up in there, the tasty aroma of the White Nightmare becomes more apparent. I also ran some through the Phoenician Grinder, and when I opened it, the berry scent burst forth like a pack of berry Starbursts.

White Nightmare Marijuana Strain
White Nightmare has a sweet sour scent, with highlights of berry from the Blue Dream

Flavor: This is some tasty tasting top shelf marijuana right here. Wow. I loaded the first bowl into the new Sasquatch Red Label Beehive piece. I got this one on a great Instagram deal, and it’s quickly becoming my favorite little water bong.

Anyway, bong rips off this stuff are simply divine. The flavor bursts forth with that spicy tingly feeling when exhaled through your nose. Spliffs are equally as nice, with the berry sour sweet flavor accentuated nicely by the Danish Export tobacco. I’m definitely digging this strain. It’s not one I’ve ever heard of before. The smoke is a mouthful of rich and creamy heady hospitality, with that light berry background sticking around throughout.

White Nightmare Cannabis Strain
Berry scents burst forth from White Nightmare Marijuana like a pack of berry Starbursts

High: Heady and high, just like we’re told a sativa dominant strain should be. Quite creative, at least that was the mood it put me in. I actually had to stop writing the review so I could focus on getting a couple more songs finished up. If you’ve watched any of my latest review videos, you’ve heard versions of the new songs I’m working on. But yeah, this stuff is good. It can definitely get a little spacey, as most weed can at higher doses, or when an endocannabinoid system gets more cannabinoids than it’s used to.

White Nightmare
Like a legendary Sativa White Nightmare is both heady and high

Overall: I’m giving the White Nightmare a solid 8, because it’s some damn good ass weed. It’s got a great smell, beautiful taste, and it looks like some solid high power fire. It’s funny to me, that I’ve reviewed so many strains now, and there’s still new stuff coming out I’ve never heard of. Whether or not they are true actual strains or just random phenotypes of already established strains is beyond me. What I do know is that there will never be a shortage of top shelf chronic to review here in the great state of Washington. That right there, along with the Forbidden Farms White Nightmare, is stuff stoners like!

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

White Nightmare Cannabis
White Nightmare is definitely Stuff Stoners Like

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  1. Dankeydoodle

    This Fucking Weed is the best iv had in a long time! Im so baked and still want to clean the shit out of my house 😀 my backpain is fucking gone and i feel like dancing. THIS IS A MUST TRY!

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