Why You Should Own A Grow Tent

Grow Tent

Are you an enthusiastic gardener? Do you want to do gardening for home use or as a business? At some point, you’ve probably desired to put a small structure in the backyard or space in our house. Are you wondering what to use? Then, the 4×4 grow tents would be perfect in that small space as it allows for various plant configurations.

So, what is a Grow Tent?
A grow tent is an indoor portable tent. It enables you to produce a variety of plants under a controlled environment. It has an interior made up of silver or white-coloured reflective material. The frame easily assembles using strong metal poles with connection joints enveloped by thick, canvas outer layer. Usually, it comprises of either polyester or nylon materials and contains zippers that act as windows and doors for the owners’ ease of accessibility.

Types of Grow Tents
Grow tents have various advantages, for example, their availability in different shapes and sizes. Also, you can choose to customize them by buying the fundamentals, such as some coolers and light or getting a fancy one that permits you to control humidity and temperature levels. Below are some top types of grow tents:

4×4 Grow Tent
Dimension: 48x48x80
Number of plants: 4 to 16 (depending on the distance required between the plants)
Best 4 by 4 tent: VIVOSUN 48″x48″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent
Best light: VIPARSPECTRA 600W LED Grow Light
Ideal temperature: 70 to 80 degrees Celsius

Stealth Growing Tent
Dimension: 36x20x16.5 
Number of plants: up to 9
Best Stealth growing tent(s): Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0
Best quality: Successfully grows healthy, happy plants 20% faster than traditional gardening

Small Grow Tent
Dimension: 16x16x48 
Number of plants: up to 10
Best Small grow tent: TopoLite 
Best quality: Quick put-together and tool-free installation

How Does the Grow Tent Work?
Science teaches us that the fundamental requirements needed for plant development are light, temperature, and humidity. Well, grow tents aid in optimizing them by designing the perfect environment for the plants.

1.) Light—All plants need photosynthesis to develop. Grow tents use glow lights to generate simulated light. The reflective lining maximizes plant exposure to light by reducing the number of photons lost. It also distributes light to parts of the plant on the below surface. The grow tent neither releases light, nor does it allow it in. It means you are in full control of the photosynthesis process, which translates to the plant reaching its optimum light requirement.

2.) Temperature—Like light, the temperature is a necessity in plant growth. So, regulating the level of light setup while adjusting its brightness and managing the tent’s ventilation system to control the air circulation aids in maintaining an ideal temperature.

3.) Humidity —By creating the perfect temperature to light ratio, optimal required humidity balances the tents’ moisture. Therefore, the transpiration rate is under control to ensure the movement of sugar, minerals, and proper cooling of the plants. You can use a hydrometer to provide guided light to the temperature ratio.

Reasons for Owning a Grow Tent
Controlling your destiny is one of the most exciting and satisfying feeling to experience. A grow tent gives you a taste and is a small step towards controlling every aspect within your reach.

The following are some of the reasons why you should own a grow tent:
Faster growth of crops—With controlled temperature, light, and humidity, plants that grow in a grow tent possess the optimal requirements for them to grow faster, and they’ll take a shorter time than regular crops in outdoor farms. Thus, it makes it more efficient for plants to excrete, carry out photosynthesis, and distribute mineral salt and sugar quickly hence faster growth.

Pest control—Crop infestation is one of the major problems facing farmers. The use of a grow tent limits or eliminates any chance of pests and diseases to invest the crops. As such, it increases the chances of the plants to grow healthy and achieving optimum production.

Space utility—Grow tents use minimal and calculated spaces- outside or within the house, to produce crops that are healthy and at a faster rate.

High-quality crops—Producing crops within the best environment with no infestations usually gives them high quality, thus, making them healthier than the usual average crop production. That brings about the return on investment on the crops.

Simple to create and easy to maintain—The grow tent is easy to set up since it involves connecting provided materials using the provided guidelines. It doesn’t require special attention apart from knowledge about the crops. The cost of maintenance should be very low if at all there is any.

Final Thoughts
People with grow tents can control fundamental aspects of crop growth. It entitles them to better crop control, increased growth rates, protection from pests, and, ultimately, an extended growing season. It is a far better option than regular gardening.

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