The Wreef Is a Pot Leaf Wreath for the Cannabis Conscious

wreefs pot leaf wreathCelebrate weed with a wreath

It was right around 4:20 pm in a quiet Colorado mountain town—early December 2015. Our buds Mike and Ann Marie were out running a few errands. They noticed quite a few cars that decorated for the holiday season with Christmas wreaths attached to their grills. That’s when Mike turned to his wife and said, “you know, with weed being legal in Colorado, I’m surprised nobody has created a wreath made from marijuana leaves”. That’s how the Wreef™ brand was born.


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WTF is a Wreef™ wreath? It’s one part wreath and one part reefer—100% artificial decorative wreath that’s designed to resemble freshly-harvested cannabis leaves. It’s the perfect canna-compliment for your car’s grill or the front door to you house, room, office. Fuck a lamp-shade—wear one of these around your neck at the next party. Rock one of these at the next Cannabis Cup or whenever you feel like celebrating the cannabis culture. Because the leaves are made of a durable woven polyester fabric they’ll stand up to the blazing sun.

Customize your cannabis wreath

You can also score these cool hang tags for the center of the wreath that encourage year-round support and celebration of the marijuana movement. The five pack of tags are double-sided and celebrate holidays like Earth Day, Valentines Day, Halloweed, er uhm we mean Halloween. That’s like 100 reasons—no wait—that’s like 10 reasons to celebrate 420 all year round. They also make a really dope gift—because you can’t send weed through the mail.

Pot leaf wreath the Wreef and hang tagsIt’s staggering, Mike tells us about the growing acceptance marijuana. It makes me smile knowing that marijuana is so helpful to so many” Aside from being just a really cool decoration—we want to see the Wreef™ brand become a symbol of unity for the cannabis culture. “Show off your wreath as a sign of allegiance to the peaceful plant.”

You can celebrate the marijuana movement and score your own pot-leaf Wreath at And don’t worry, it’ll be shipped in a completely nondescript package just in case someone is keeping an eye on you and your mail. Oh and since it’s made with fake pot leaves it doesn’t smell. You can also follow ’em on FB, IG or Twitter.

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