Stoners Like Skittles

stoners like skittles

Skittles? All stoners love ’em. Yeah, with munchies ragin’ full-on the stoned have been known to eat ’em up by the hand fulls. Why? well, stoners fully endorse Skittles not only because  they’re delicious but because, really…who the hell DOESN’T want to taste a fucking rainbow, right? Seriously, way before that brilliant marketing campaign ran, stoners would ponder that shit. In fact, savvy marketers created that campaign solely to attract stoners. It’s an age-old stoner paradox; “dude, what does a rainbow taste like?”

Just drive by any junior college at say lunch time or right after school lets out and you’ll see the stoned kids laying around in open fields starring off into the clouds. And, just what the hell do you think they’re pondering, rainbow high in the sky or not? Exactly, they’re wondering just what are the flavors of the rainbow.

Well, luckily the Mars Corporation has answered that very question in the form of a small colorful li’l candy. So like here’s the breakdown of the flavors of the rainbow:

  • Red – Strawberry
  • Orange – Orange
  • Yellow – Banana
  • Green – Frog
  • Blue – Smurf
  • Violet – Purple Stuff
  • Indigo – Cherry

Well, rainbows taste like that shit listed above AND hydrogenated corn oil. But, who knew? One thing we do know is that Lil Wayne might just be a stoner. Okay, who the fuck are we kidding, he’s the epitome of stoner. And well, we also hear that that motherfucker loves Skittles. And, get this, we even hear that that motherfucker Lil Wayne, who loves Skittles, wears a fat diamond grill just so he can eat Skittles all day long with impunity! Imagine that…diamond coated teeth just for stoned Skittle-eatin’ impunity. Now that’s a real stoner!

6 Responses to “Stoners Like Skittles”

  1. Baschive

    yes yes and yes skittles are amazing its my first choice of candy, either that or butterfinger

  2. Sarah Joynt

    Yes skittles. I always knew blue was smurf!
    Great blog

  3. jo mama

    yeh i’m stoner… and i always wondered what blue was…. smurf just about fits it. ive never really understood why skittles are so amazing………. but now, i realize it is because im a stoner and i like to chew up skittles and swallow something that is contained in something so small, yet so miraculous……
    thank you, blog guy. you have answered this stoners 16 year (life long) question. what does the blue part taste like. 😀

  4. Teresa

    I love Skittles;)

  5. allen

    the only thing better than skittles… are sour skittles

  6. Tony

    Looking for skittles seeds

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