Stoners Like The Ice Cream Man

the ice cream man is stuff stoners likeOkay, think about this shit for a second. We mean, really, do we even have to explain?

Let’s say you’re a major stoner in the middle of a joint and a vintage episode of Mama’s Family, you know the one where Bubba’s hot blonde girlfriend gets all offended because he decides to take Iola’s fat niece to the prom instead of her? Ya, that one. And, well, you get the munchies. But, you ain’t got shit to eat. Que lastima!

But wait…all of a sudden you hear some crackly-ass version of Pop Goes the Weasel far off in the distance. And it just occurs to you that you aren’t hallucinating, but some motherfucker’s got an ice cream truck and impeccable timing. Bingo, Choco Tacos and Bomb Pops galore! Delivered right to your door! Delicious…

stoners like the ice cream man
Cheech and Chong knew marijuana was STUFF STONERS LIKE

To the stoned, this is like a freakin’ dream come true, right? All they’ve got to do is put on some pants and flag the dude down. That’s what’s right on about America, ya know, someone just driving ice cream on over to your place anticipating your need for sweets. That’s like serendipity or something, right? And, if you were to stop the ice cream man when he’s passing by and it was actually David Lee Roth with all his flavors that satisfy…we’ll that be a fucking really big bonus, wouldn’t it? Fuck Van Hagar.

Now, if this guy, this ice cream man…would only expand his menu to include things like papers, weed, and lighters…he might be really on to something. Oh wait…we’ve got plenty weed delivery services here in CA…now if only those weed dudes could pick up a pizza and a few ice cream sandwiches on their way here, man.

2 Responses to “Stoners Like The Ice Cream Man”

  1. Baschive

    He doesnt come around anymore he mite be dead

  2. ben

    whenever i see the ice cream man i dont have any money. and the van halen song is one of their best

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