List of 2012 Marijuana Ballot Measures

List of 2012 Marijuana Ballot MeasuresHere’s a List of 2012 Marijuana Ballot Measures. Happy Election Day stoners! Today’s vote includes an unprecedented amount of legalization initiatives on ballots nationwide. Three states are voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use (OR, WA, CO). Another three states are looking to legalize marijuana for medical use (AR, MA, MT). And there are several ballot measures in Michigan that will decriminalize marijuana. Here’s a quick breakdown of each:

Colorado – Amendment 64
Colorado’s Legalization vote is called Amendment 64. It looks to regulate marijuana like alcohol and removes both civil and criminal penalties for adults possessing up to an ounce of weed. It will also allow adults to grow up to six marijuana plants in an enclosed space.

Washington – Initiative 502
Washington’s I502 looks to remove criminal and civil penalties for marijuana possession in the state. Marijuana production and distribution will be run by the liquor control board if passed. As a result wholesale and retail weed sales would be taxed at the rate of 25%. The rub, which many marijuana activists and patients can’t ignore, is that WA’s Initiative 502 would add new DUI laws that target THC in the blood. As a result there’s been a lot of infighting within the marijuana movement over this one.

Oregon – Measure 80
Measure 80, aka “The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act” looks to tax and regulate marijuana for all adults. By taxing weed, Oregon’s measure 80 could amount to an extra $140 million a year for the state. This citizen’s initiative would also eliminate all wasted spending on weed-related law enforcement. It also looks to restore the industrial hemp industry.

Arkansas – Medical Marijuana Initiative
Residents in Arkansas are voting on a medical marijuana initiative that would allow those with serious debilitating conditions safe access to medical marijuana through regulated not-for-profit dispensaries.

Massachusetts – Medical Marijuana Initiative (Question 3)
Citizens in MA are also voting on a similar medical marijuana initiative. A yes vote on Question 3 allows those with serious medical conditions access to medical pot. The initiative also looks to eliminate criminal marijuana penalties and enable the creation of a limited number of not for profit “treatment centers” ran by the state’s Public Health Department.

Montana – Medical Marijuana Veto Referendum
Montana’s Initiative Referendum No. 124 looks to repeal Montana’s medical marijuana law passed by voters in 2004. If rejected, the state’s medical marijuana program would be restored.

Detroit, Michigan – Proposal M
Detroit, Michigan’s Proposal M would decriminalize marijuana in the city by removing all penalties for marijuana possession by adults over the age of 21 who get caught with up to an ounce of weed.

Flint, Michigan – Decriminalization
Flint’s decrim initiative, if passed, would remove penalties for adults 19 or older possessing up to an ounce of weed or paraphernalia in the city.

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Proposal 2
Grand Rapids’ Proposal 2 looks to reduce marijuana-related infractions to civil penalties. Those busted with weed would still get a fine, but it’ll be waived if the defendant can prove that they are a medical marijuana patient.

Ypsilanti, Michigan – LLEP
A yes vote to Ypsilanti’s LLEP Question, would make marijuana possession the city’s lowest law enforcement priority.

We’ll keep ya posted on all the outcomes, so stay tuned and stay STONED.

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