25 Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

25 Jobs That Don’t Drug TestJobs That Don’t Drug Test

Jobs that don’t drug test are definitely stuff stoners like. That’s because drug testing is a waste of time and money not to mention a violation of personal privacy. Why should a failed drug test keep a qualified person from earning a living? Drug testing not only sucks it’s probably what stands between you and your next job. That is if you find a job at a place that still forces people to piss in a cup and succumb to drug testing or drug screening. Or you could just find a gig doing something for someone who doesn’t require you to pass a drug test.

Good news. You can always find a gig in the burgeoning marijuana industry. Most jobs in the industry do not require drug testing. Interested in selling weed? Maybe it’s something you did in high school? Well now you can turn that experience into a career. Maybe you’d make a great bud tender or even a buyer. Somebody’s got to buy the weed that’s sold at dispensaries, right? Might as well by you, dude?

PRO TIP: Use synthetic urine to pass your drug test. As long as you can smuggle it in and it’s the right temperature, you’ll pass every time. We suggest Sub-Solution because it comes with a heating powder. Get more tips in our info-packed post, How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana.

Good jobs that don’t drug test

A lot of the gigs listed below could be found within the marijuana industry. No drug test for work there, man. Well in a perfect world that is. There have been pot companies called-out for forcing their employees to take drug test prior to hire. But it’s true that there are tons of gigs the industry that don’t require pe-employment drug screening like a real estate agencies that specialize in zoning and permitting marijuana dispensaries and grow sites. There are a ton of writing gigs within the industry as well as journalism gigs. Photography, graphic design, web design—you name it. All these new marijuana companies need to advertise and market their pot products, right? And they’re looking for creative people who don’t want to have to partake in a drug test to participate. So finish rolling that joint and get your resume out there, you stoner. We really dig using a site like indeed.com to find weed-related jobs, which are most likely jobs that don’t drug test. Just type in your location of interest + cannabis and if there are any openings the site will dig ’em up for you and make it easy as pie to apply.

hydro weed

Avoid companies that drug test

Anyhow according to trade-school.net many people have success finding non-drug-testing jobs in the culinary, creative, and entertainment sectors. And, of course, many vocations that allow you to be self-employed or work from home may also be good options. There’s no employer drug testing when you work for yourself, right?

It also helps to know which areas that almost always require some for of drugtesting. Jobs with the highest likelihood of required drug screening or drug test for employment tend to be in areas that come with a moderate-to-high risk of injury, involve potential legal liabilities, are within the government, or involve keeping people safe from harm. So before you send out your resume just ask yourself, do they drug test? If you think that they might just be aware that you may have to make a small investment in fake urine. Or simply skip that gig and submit your resume to a place that you know doesn’t do employment drug screening. Want to how to find out if a company drug tests? Look online or better yet, ask someone who works there about the company’s drug testing policy.

Jobs that don t drug test

Do all jobs drug test? If may feel like that but in the end, it’s impossible to say what jobs drug test or what particular career area will be completely free of drug testing. But here are some of the best ideas for specific vocations that tend to provide the most opportunities for avoiding drug tests:

  1. Chef—Expertly preparing great meals takes a lot of skill and creativity, but it doesn’t usually require peeing in a cup. Relatively few restaurants can spare the expense or impact on morale of testing staff for drugs or alcohol.
  1. Restaurant Manager—Overseeing food, beverage, and hospitality operations is a role packed with variety. And it requires providing customers with outstanding service and dining experiences within a restaurant’s well-planned budget, which usually doesn’t leave much room for costly drug screening.
  1. Accountant or Bookkeeper—Although a lot of companies test all employees or potential new hires for drugs, working in an accounting-related occupation can allow you to be your own boss and avoid such requirements. With your own business, you can choose your clients and contract out your services on your own terms.
  1. Information Technology (IT) Consultant—Nearly all organizations today rely on computer systems. But sometimes they don’t have the right in-house staff to solve certain technology problems or provide advice about new projects. Self-employed IT consultants usually get to help a variety of different clients without ever having to provide urine samples to do so.
  1. Audio Recording Engineer—Music studios are often fun work environments, especially since they attract a diversity of talented artists and producers. Plus, most employers in this sector care much more about your reliability and creative and technical skills than they do about what you choose to do during your off time. And it’s also possible to freelance in this vocation or even run your own studio or mobile recording service.
  1. Event Planner or Wedding Consultant—Your creativity, organization, and attention to detail are what truly matter in this occupational area. What you do on your own time is usually of no concern, especially as a self-employed event specialist. What counts is helping your clients throw memorable and satisfying special events that go as smoothly as possible.
  1. Computer Programmer—Many companies that have drug-screening policies don’t apply them to all departments. Oftentimes, IT staff members, such as programmers, are exempt from such policies since their jobs don’t involve putting anyone at risk of injury. But a lot of programmers also freelance their services on a client-by-client basis, so they can choose opportunities that don’t have any testing requirements.
  1. Mobile Applications Developer—This type of specialized programmer is in high demand across several different industries. As a result, many organizations choose to exempt mobile app developers and similar tech pros from drug-test policies in order to make it easier to attract potential talent. A lot of app developers also work from home on a freelance basis.
  1. Web Designer or Developer—Attaining the skills to build professional websites is another way to give yourself an opportunity to work in the in-demand tech sector without being subject to drug testing. Like many other tech pros, web developers and designers often choose to stay self-employed or remain very selective about the employers they work for.
  1. Graphic Designer or Illustrator—It’s fairly rare for companies to require drug screening of creative professionals like designers. They tend to care a lot more about talent and your ability to collaborate and meet deadlines. Plus, graphic design and illustration are services that you can build your own business from.
  1. Video Game Designer—Most companies that develop video games offer fun and progressive workplaces. And few of them test employees or job applicants for drugs. Instead, they often strive to build creative teams of designers and other professionals who are willing to experiment, share ideas, and cooperate with each other. And that requires a strong atmosphere of trust.
  1. Computer Animator or Visual Effects Artist—Like video game designers, professionals in the field of 2D or 3D animation and special effects usually aren’t asked to take any drug tests. The studios they work in often prefer to maintain a spirit of openness and collaboration.
  1. Film Producer—Making entertaining or informative movies or videos takes creativity, planning, organization, cooperation, and commitment. But, in most cases, it doesn’t involve having to provide samples for urine or hair follicle testing.
  1. Fashion Designer—You’re unlikely to encounter much drug testing in the fashion design field. Whether you work for yourself or as part of a studio that designs clothes or accessories, the main focus is generally on creating new, distinctive, and marketable looks in time for industry fashion shows, client meetings, or other opportunities.
  1. Interior Designer—Creating new looks for interior spaces can be highly enjoyable. It’s something you can do as a freelancer. And relatively few design studios ask their staff or potential employees to submit to drug screening.
  1. Photographer—Most photographers are freelancers. They work for themselves and choose the clients and projects they wish to work on. But even among those who are employed as staff photographers, few are ever required to undergo substance testing.
  1. Cosmetologist—Hairstylists, nail technicians, and other beauty professionals work in a field where drug tests are pretty uncommon. After all, self-employment in this service trade is very prevalent. And although some salons and other employers in the industry do have screening policies, it’s fairly easy to find ones that don’t.
  1. Skin Care Specialist—Many spas and skin care clinics provide opportunities to qualified estheticians without requiring drug testing. And this part of the beauty sector also offers the chance to build your own clientele without being employed by someone else.
  1. Makeup—Whether for purposes of entertainment or personal beauty, makeup artists get to have fun transforming the way other people look. And like in other creative vocations, your chances of encountering employment drug screening are relatively small compared to other career areas.
  1. Dog Trainer—Dogs are extremely popular pets, but their behavior can sometimes be disruptive or dangerous. So companion animal instructors play important roles in training dogs and their owners about positive behaviors such as obedience. And they don’t typically have to worry about drug tests since they tend to be self-employed.
  1. Personal Fitness Trainer—It’s very common to be your own boss in this active occupation. Plus, some gyms and fitness clubs don’t have drug-testing policies, so you may be able to find steady work in a place you enjoy without being concerned about undergoing screening.
  1. Floral Designer—Can you picture being able to arrange colorful bouquets and other floral displays every day? It’s a fun vocation that brings good cheer to people. And many jobs in this field come without employer-mandated substance testing, especially those offered by independently owned flower shops.
  1. Journalist—Some big media companies do test current or prospective employees for drugs. However, a lot of journalism jobs can still be attained at media organizations that have abandoned their screening policies or never had them to begin with.
  1. Real Estate Agent—Most real estate agents work as independent contractors, not as employees. So they are rarely, if ever, subjected to drug testing by the agencies they are associated with. But it’s still a good idea to double-check with your state to make sure that such screening isn’t part of the licensing process.
  1. Writer—There are many kinds of writers: copywriters, technical writers, screenwriters, non-fiction and creative-fiction authors, and plenty more. And since some of them are employed by organizations as staff writers, drug testing may be a reality for a few of them. But the majority of writers are self-employed and don’t have to undergo any screening.

Companies that don’t drug test

Finding a comprehensive list of companies that don’t drug test  might be impossible. Some companies that don’t drug test might prefer to stay quiet about their stance on drug testing to avoid unwanted attention or controversy. Some employers that don’t drug test like many in the tech-sector boast about not forcing employees to succumb to a drug test. Here’s trade-school.com’s list of companies that do not drug test. According to them these are the few large companies that have been mentioned by current or former employees as being places where drug testing is uncommon, doesn’t exist, or is only done for those who drive or operate heavy machinery:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft
  • Yahoo
  • Qualcom
  • Starbucks
  • Gap
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill

Of course, many other employers don’t drug test. Small businesses, especially, are less likely to have drug-screening policies. And in states that have legalized marijuana, most companies within that particular industry do not drug test.

how to pass a drug testCompanies that require drug testing

Without asking companies directly about their drug testing policies, it can be difficult to know for sure whether they conduct drug tests for employment. Many companies that require drug screening don’t advertise it in their job postings. You can expect drug testing for any position that involves driving, operating heavy machinery, working with cash, or performing any type of work that can be deemed dangerous. Many retailers, utility companies, warehouse facilities, factories, and casinos also drug test. The same is true for just about all government agencies and private contractors that do business with the government.

Unfortunately a truly definitive or comprehensive list of all companies that drug test is not available so we did our best to find a list of companies that do require some form of drug testing. If you work for a company that you know definitely requires drug testing or drug screening please let us know in the comments section below so we can update our list.

  • 3M
  • 7-Eleven
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Express
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • AT&T
  • Best Buy
  • Boeing
  • Caterpillar
  • CenturyLink
  • Chevron
  • Citibank
  • Coca-Cola
  • Comcast
  • ConAgra Foods
  • Costco
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • DuPont
  • ExxonMobil
  • FedEx
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Georgia-Pacific
  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
  • The Hershey Company
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • The Home Depot
  • Honeywell
  • IBM
  • IKEA
  • Jiffy Lube
  • John Deere
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Lowe’s
  • Molson Coors
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Pep Boys
  • PepsiCo
  • Pfizer
  • Raytheon
  • Safeway
  • Sam’s Club
  • Sears
  • Sprint Corporation
  • Staples
  • Toys R Us
  • United Airlines
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • U.S. Bank
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Wal-Mart
  • Waste Management
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Xerox

Do you have a job that required you to pass a drug test or do you work for one of those companies that don’t drug test? Lost a job due to a failed drug test? How do you feel about work place drug testing? Do you think that as legalization continues to trend across the companies will stop drug testing their employees? Thanks for all the help. Stoners everywhere including us really appreciate it. 

57 Responses to “25 Jobs That Don’t Drug Test”

  1. Twilliams

    I have many skills and a good work ethic. I don’t use alcohol(25 years without) and think that alcohol should be illegal.
    I do like to innocently puff weed in my free time. At a job of 11 years I made a mistake and they tested me for weed. Although I was perfectly sober. It was in my system and I lost my job. Been struggling ever since and now worry that I’ll loose my house and/or kill myself.
    Other then that. Weed is totally harmless.

  2. Debra Rhodes

    Whataburger does not drug test. U have ToysRUs on ur list I have worked there 3 yrs. They do not drug test

  3. Anonymous


  4. Heavy smoker who stopped

    Novitex Putney Bowes will drug test you until they find something or claim your hair is to short and pee to clear

  5. Anonymous

    Busch Gardens and Water Country in Willamsburg both do mouth swab tests. They’re easy to pass just hope you didn’t smoke for 12 hours. However that place is a hell hole to work at.

  6. Anonymous

    Athena Healthcare

  7. Formerly employed

    The call centers of Rescue Rooter and Rapid Response Monitoring (both in Corona, CA) do pre- and post-employment drug testing.

  8. Formerly employed

    The call centers of Rescue Rooter and Rapid Response Monitoring (both in Corona, CA) do mandatory pre- and random post-employment drug testing.

  9. Me

    Quikrete pre-employment. And random

  10. Nemo$Yoni

    Menards – pre employment
    Eckart/Actega – pre employment as well as random tests
    EMS (executive management services) – pre employment

  11. andrew

    i worked for best buy they definitely do drug test upon employment.

  12. Stoner Stuff

    WORD. Danks for lookin’ out.

  13. Chris

    Walmart does not test anymore. Ups only does for drivers

  14. Mathew Blair

    I know the company M&M World Las Vegas NV and the New York one does pre employment and if you get hurt on the job.

  15. Stoner Stuff

    Good lookin’ out

  16. MissSubliminal

    Temporary services like Aerotek, Automation, Kelly Services and the Onin Group all preform unsupervised urine screenings and most can preform supervised oral swab preemployment drug tests (and sometimes will on the day of your initial application) before each new assignment and sometimes the company giving the assignment will require an additional or specific kind of preemployment test. Some of those companies also preform or request the agency to preform random screenings. Expect post accident drug screenings for almost any injury reported even if you don’t file a workman’s comp claim. If applying to a position within the company, the same rules apply. Preemployment, post accident, and occasional randoms for access to a new client’s facility. (Hope for a cool area manager and they’ll usually let you know the day before).

  17. Anonymous

    Generally speaking any type of healthcare job will always drug test. Even where marijuana is legalized for medical or recreational.

  18. TheBrandStand

    Title Max doesn’t
    Enterprise Rent A Car doesn’t
    Belk doesn’t

  19. Johnny G

    Ace Hardware DOES drug test. So does Conduent temporary services. So does Little Cesaer’s and Jewel-Osco Food/Drug stores. It seems most everywhere does and I will be using medical cannabis soon. Bummer as my only shot is getting a job at a dispensary or work-at-home.

  20. Bloodraven89

    Walmart drug tested me when I got the job there a few years back. Target drug tests, so does Petco.

  21. Yes

    Progressive does not drug test and they pay very well!

  22. kenny520

    any places in tucson, az that dont drug test?

  23. Anonymous

    Target doesn’t test anymore for pre-employment not sure about promotions.

  24. LegalshouldmeanLeagal

    I been in the Propane industry for many years. I obviously have passed MANY clean tests (by not using). I used to use everyday for 3 to 4 years before this industry. I must say, all the emphasis on safety, causes more accidents and job loss of good employees, then myself or most weed users ever did. As it has become legal, I have started to want to use. I even have true medical need for it, that I know would help. BUT in this industry they are dead set on MEVER allowing, even if you can buy it at the corner store. Trust me I have a 6 year old daughter, and I would never want her to be hurt by somebody under thevinfuancevof anything. But I disagree 100% that weed impairs. I don’t think it’s right that if something is legal, than I should be able to do it and not even have to contemplate having any repercussions at work. I will keep fighting for this. That being said…. Here are the drug testers I’ve dealt with. AmeriGas, Suburban, Inergy, Heritage, all Propane. I’ve discovered for myself. If they offer benefits and/or take taxes, they test. Also to get your license in any state they will test as well. Kroger tests, Sams Club also. I just realized every job I’ve had since high school tested, hence why I came to this website, and article!!! Take a puff for me!!

  25. no name

    does anyone know where in Arkansas near Bay, Bono, Truman, Jonesboro they do not drug test would really help…..

  26. Anonymous

    QuikTrip doesn’t

  27. DerichNC

    QuikTrip doesn’t
    Party City doesn’t (at least the franchise stores don’t)

  28. Richard. Jr.

    I have had a ruff life with PTSD.can’t trust or be around a lot of people was abused a lot when I was a kid..Drinking personally is bad ..but smoking bud helped my perants get along.now I have a medical card for cannabis and now I move to be with family and go to work but my card don’t account to me being sick and needing my meds..?? I’m more incoherent and active when I no how much to smoke!!

  29. Richard

    Ace hardware Westlake doesn’t drug test. Have PTSD found mother dead and used opiates at 19. Now I smoke and go to methadone clinic. Locke supply drug tests as well as home Depot


    Fuck that shit. I wish i could shoot up.all the places that do drug test.

  31. Andrew

    Just fyi, Safeway does drug test, I worked there not that long ago. They use the saliva one. Be careful.

  32. AnD420

    Walmart no longer drug tests for entry level positions. That’s a fact in tx. Hired on last month.

  33. Spyz

    If somebody isnt working and smokes cannabis, it takes about 28 days to get out of system! They could quit or stop to get job but still fail because it takes so long to leave system. Also with Pain Doctors and their God complex, patients coukd very well no longer have a doctor and be relying on old meds or currently self medicating until they find a new doc. Either way, they have to explain the opiates in urine (which should be there) even if no current script. I dont know of anybody who loses their Pain Doctors and throws their hands in the air while saying, “Ok! I guess Im done!” LOL Trust me, pain patients WILL find something to take for pain and make the best employees due to desperately needing funds for meds and insurance for a new doctor.

  34. HighDesigns

    Crate & Barrel does not drug test (that I know of). I have worked part time in one of their stores for a few years now. I haven’t been tested or heard of anyone at the stores being tested. Can’t speak for management or corporate positions. I have friends who show up high every day and no one notices or gives a fuck.

  35. Hottiewiththepot

    Well, I just recently lost my job at walgreens due to mj and they didnt even care i have my card. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Its hard a lot of days to just motivate myself its hard to keep my self together. Hard to not take the easy way….

  36. Bbb

    Lowe’s does saliva in Washington

  37. Jimbino

    As a physicist, I’ve been involved in both hardware and software design for nuclear weapons, bombers, fighter aircraft, ICBMs, rockets, tank warfare training and doomsday communications. Though I hold and inactive security clearance, I don’t apply for design work in military or aerospace or any company that contracts with the US government, both because I value my own privacy and the privacy of others less qualified. I won’t work for any company that requires routine drug testing of anyone.

    So, the ironic thing is that to pursue my career, I am virtually forced to seek physics positions in countries like Russia, Iran, N Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and the like or alternative positions requiring much less talent. That virtually forces me to do physics as an expatriate, in the good company of Enrico Fermi, Niels Bohr, Edward Teller, Lise Meitner and Wernher von Braun, I realize.

  38. Tai R

    Pretty much every single “blue collar” job and just about every single temp agency in the good ol’ REGRESSIVE state of Utah requires some form of drug testing. My last job with a sign printing company called “GSP” did the saliva test. And for those who do the pee test, they’ll separate you from all your possessions to “prevent cheating.”

  39. VegasDude

    Henderson / Las Vegas NV – ALL Station Casinos / Fiesta’s, WildFire, Barleys, Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Ranch Drug test.. also when promoted to full time, when promoted to a salaried position, and any work related accidents… – But they suck to work for anyways..

  40. Reefer madness retards

    I really think its a damn shame how harder drugs leave the system in a few days and alcohol after you sober up, and mj stays much longer its not fair to us weed smokers…

  41. #LegalizeIt

    Most restaurants don’t drug test, not even the managers.

  42. Taylor

    Staples doesn’t drug test. At least for entry level like cashier.

  43. Tracybaby

    You have ups and fedex on your list. They dont drug test in NC

  44. Anonymous

    Americas best dose not drug test

  45. tracy gatsby

    jewel osco does mouth swab when you go for an interveiw

  46. D'Andre Fisher

    Walmart in Allentown, PA doesn’t drug test.

  47. Alicia

    I am an registered nurse. I think marijuana is absolutely the best medicine. I’ve both seen and felt the effects of several medications that could be eliminated if marijuana was an option to more people. It’s a sad catch 22. The fact that I have firsthand knowledge and experience should mean that I could advocate for it but because of my job and the fact that it’s not legal here (NC) yet, I cannot. Every job I’ve applied for in utilizes drug testing. I’ve worked at Holiday Inn and grocery stores prior to college. They did not test.

  48. Sam

    I worked as a Live Audio Engineer for the Omni Hotel in Nashville and they fired me for SMELLING like weed ,no drug test to prove it or anything just fired me.

  49. Prank

    Wow. Almost all the biggest technology companies don’t do drug test. I wish I had studied IT before haha

  50. Joe

    Fuck all them who drug test what I do on my own time is my business not yours. It’s ok to get shit faced the night before work but god forbid you smoke a joint or pop a pill.

  51. Rhondi420

    I worked at a place for 8 years and loved it there. They really liked me too, they treated me well. I felt like family to them. Until one day I got selected for a “random” drug test, failed it for weed and was fired on the spot, no questions asked. I was devastated and debate if I should stand my ground and continue to do what I’ve been doing on my OWN time, or if I should just give up and quit smoking forever so I can get and keep a decent job. Priority wise, obviously I should quit but isn’t there a point when we should stand up for ourselves and refuse to have our personal lives dictated by a company that sees you as nothing but a number?

  52. Seanathon

    It’s the insurance companies that have ruined it for everyone, some of the best workers I’ve ever seen used some type “illegal substance” but the reason companies want to ruin what u do in ur own time is because if u get hurt and fail a screening the insurance won’t cover ur expenses and the company will have to, plus insurance premiums go down for companies maintaining a drug free work force…..its ridiculous…freedom isn’t free that’s for sure

  53. Nyghteglitter

    I suffer from anxiety and fear of large crowds so I use weed to help me. Now just wondering where in Elmira Ny can I get a job that doesn’t drug test? I tried to get a cafeteria job and failed the piss test using the Herbal Clean Q20 any suggestions?

  54. Nachoname

    CH Robinson, Echo or any 3pl(third party logistics) company don’t drop. I went thru Aerotek and they didn’t drop me either for the position. I have been at CH 4 years and counting without giving up on Mary. There are many branches throughout the U.S. They really only look at background and dependability.

  55. fairiegirl

    Gamestop doesn’t drug test. At least the one I work at.

  56. zain

    Amazon does drug tests…warehouse,logistics, and online marketing.

  57. Rosie

    Discover card definitely drug tests, easy to pass though.

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