Why Do Some Employers Require Drug Tests?

Why do some employers still drug test

Why Do Some Companies Require Drug Tests?

Hella states have legalized weed for recreational and medical use. So in today’s new cannabis-friendly culture why do some employers still require a drug test? And why are they allowed to fire you if you don’t pass it? Basically, man, it’s to cover their ass.

Urine Drug Test Facts

Don’t believe us? According to leading drug testing lab Quest Diagnostic workplace drug testing happens because drug abuse in the workplace puts employers at a risk for increased accidents, more absenteeism, lower productivity and higher insurance costs. Urine testing, like all drug  testing methodologies, helps to mitigate these risks by filtering out drug users from an employer’s workforce as well as deterring drug use within it.

Most employers aren’t legally obligated to test potential or current employees for drug use—especially marijuana. But the dudes from trade-schools.net claim that between 40 and 65 percent of today’s employers may perform drug screening or drug testing whether they are required to or not. Like we mentioned above, the decision to drug test is mainly to avoid potential legal liabilities for injuries caused by workers who may be intoxicated on the job. Some of them are looking to maintain worker productivity as well. Of course some employers—especially within safety-sensitive industries like healthcare, defense, law enforcement,and transportation—are required by federal law to administer alcohol and drug testing. And in some states employers can score specials discounts on workers’ compensation insurance if they perform a drug test. Plus in some industries like professional sports, education, and medical care employers drug test mainly to maintain a positive public perception.

Drug tests in cannabis states

What about states that have voted to legalize marijuana for adult use, can they still fire employees or not hire certain candidates who don’t pass a drug test? According to trade-schools.net in states like California and Colorado where marijuana use is legal, “some companies have enacted new or stricter drug testing policies because they fear that the state-legalized marijuana industry, despite being heavily regulated, could start infiltrating their workplaces.” So you better believe that some companies in weed-friendly states will still fire you for failing drug tests.

Anyhow even though eight states have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical use employers can still screen employees for using recreational or medical marijuana. That’s because drug test policies in many organizations don’t need to adhere to state marijuana laws. Plus under the federal Controlled Substances Act marijuana is still classified as an illegal Schedule I drug. That means that most employers feel that they have sufficient grounds for firing or refusing to hire people who test positive for smoking weed—regardless of whatever state laws may be in place. Don’t believe us? Well a number of court rulings side employers—even in states that have legalized recreational marijuana including Colorado where a judge cited federal law in determining that an employer was within its rights to fire an employee who tested positive for cannabis even though the employee held a valid medical marijuana card from that state. Sure some states have passed laws that prohibit the firing of employees who fail drug screenings but have been prescribed marijuana to treat their disabilities or medical conditions. However, federal law still overrules state law in this matter.

Ending mandatory drug tests

Until weed is federally legal for all adults to use for medical or recreational reasons employers can challenge state marijuana laws and win. It’s why, with few exceptions, American companies with drug-testing programs are not providing any accommodation to employees who use marijuana, even for those with valid prescriptions for it.

How to pass a drug tests for weed

First, purchase an at-home drug test from Amazon. Next, test yourself to see if you’re even at risk of failing. If you do fail, your next step is to stop consuming weed long enough for your body to process it out. How long does that typically take? Well, it usually takes about three to four weeks. Time will vary by person depending on the speed of their metabolism and how much they’ve consumed.

Green Gone Detox

If you don’t have time to spare your best bet is to use a THC detox product. We always recommend Green Gone Detox. It’s an all-natural permanent THC cleanse unlike THC detox drinks which are typically “masking” agents—meaning they don’t physically pull THC metabolites out of your system permanently. Instead they decrease the concentration of metabolites found in your urine for a brief period through dilution.

Sometimes the dilution method is enough to work. But if you’re a heavy user don’t count on it. A permanent THC detox is what you need. It’s really the only way to increase your body’s output and elimination of the THC metabolites that’ll cause you to fail.

Do you work for an employer that drug tests? Have any tips on how to pass a drug test for marijuana? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Del

    Just my comment. I worked for a company for 16 years with never a problem. I was a key playing problem solver, moved up in rank over the years, out of the blue a surprise drug test. I’ve smoked since being 16 yoa. Got released from the company at 56 yoa with 0 chance to explain or rehab etc. How wrong us that.

  2. alix tuna

    Can pour some tea into diluted urine or just substitute my urine with tea will make me pass?

    who have tried it?


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