STONERS Like Baking

What’s better than a sinfully sweet fudge brownie? That’s right; a sinfully sweet fudge brownie with weed in it! Remember when Nigel Tufnel, lead guitarist of the band Spinal Tap, was talking about his special, custom Marshall guitar amp that went all the way up to 11? Well, adding weed to baked goods like cookies and brownies and stuff, kinda works the same way…it takes something already awesome and boosts it to 11!

Just ask any stoner and they’ll most definitely tell you that the time they were the most high, was when they ate some marijuana. It’s universally accepted by stoners that eating weed creates a most unique high. They’ll go on and on about how special it is and how distinctive it is…they’ll explain all about how it’s an “all-over body high”…delve into the nuances of it all. Oh, and the times that they were the most paranoid would correspond with times they’ve ingesting the most weed.

Rainbow Dreams Marijuana CookieThe medium for weed-baked treats can be just about everything from brownies to cookies to baked ziti with pesto weed sauce. The only real requirement is just the addition of weed, really. Oh and most of the time, the final outcome usually taste terrible. And, you thought wheat grass tasted bad?

There are several ways to create weed-enriched baked goods. Some stoners make a compound butter by rolling butter in some weed. Sometimes they’ll even simmer some weed in butter to best extract all of the weed’s THC goodness….this being the BEST PRACTICE. However, impatience and munchies increase at the same rate, so the hasty stoner’s best choice for quick, contraband cookies is to just break out a roll of Mother’s Toll House cookie dough and mash a fistful of weed into it. Baking it…is optional, man. But, gettin’ hella baked from eating it…is unavoidable.

Question: What do you call a brownie with no weed in it?
Answer: A Frownie.

8 Responses to “STONERS Like Baking”

  1. blacky chan

    jesus christ woman o man SO TRUE!! i was meant to find dis website sigh now my fwends bord coz i chose da computer over him tear tear but yea my otha fwend/x boyfwend owns a bakery store so u can imagine wat goes down

  2. Baschive

    Yeah, the brownies are delicious and thaey get you STONED!!!

  3. Farmer Shot

    Blacky Chan,

    You are an idiot. Learn to speak at least one language. And then please, i implore, stick to that language

  4. Anonymous

    i love weed

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  6. tonymontana

    i love beer abd weeds so mush

  7. dickens cider

    Do you know the word “fart” can be used as a verb or a noun?

  8. Thor

    I find Hash is much better to cook with… It’s easy to dosage, and you get rid of that “Grass taste”

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