Incense is Stuff Stoners Like


Incense is Stuff Stoners Like

To a stoner incense is like dark limousine tint, you know someone’s inside driving the car, you just can’t quite see them. According to stoners, the theory is that incense masks the aroma of burning weed. So whenever you walk into a room with a bunch of stoners getting hi, you’ll often smell incense. And, when there’s incense burning in the corner it gives the stoner a (false) sense of security, because they think no one will notice that oh so familiar aroma of a burning dead skunk.

In fact incense is a great indicator of marijuana-smoking activity. Where there’s (incense) smoke…there’s fire…and that fire is usually found at the end of a joint. Light up a joint, light up some incense and well, now mom’s basement reeks of weed and sandalwood. Dead give-away guys.

In fact the whole incense industry is fully supported and wholly kept alive by one demographic; stoners. C’mon, who else uses this stuff, but stoners? Think about it for a second. You could walk into a myriad of stinky places and not smell Nag Champa in any one of ‘em! Consider the Laker’s locker room. Ya think it smells like a Buddhist shrine? No dude, it smells like sweaty gym socks and ass. What about Bessie’s Slaughter House? Ya think they’ll use Jasmine to cover of the smell of future cheeseburgers in there? Of course not. You see what I’m saying, incense is specifically created for the sole purpose of giving stoners an alibi.


Have you ever used incense to cover-up the smell of weed? What kind of incense was it and what kind of weed were you smoking. Oh and where. Sure that’s a lot of questions, but we’re curious. And stoned. So let us know about your weed-fueled incense experiences in the comments section below.

20 Responses to “Incense is Stuff Stoners Like”

  1. Salinger

    Now that’s funny! Good luck with the blog.

  2. Sammy Q.

    k this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard, incense was not made for stoners. incense is like a scented candle without the light. i know for a fact my moms not a stoner and she burns this shit all the time. who ever made this site is just a poser trying to look like a stoner

  3. Yovi

    Hi……..can I use the incense image?

  4. allen

    dude i not a stoner and i love the shit
    its actually an alternative to smoking cuz people smoke the incence its better fr u

  5. Alejandra

    ahhaha this blog is funny, because i’m the biggest anti-drugs person there is and I have jars of incense hahaha. and to the guy above me you don’t “smoke” incense, although it is beneficial.
    seriously though, cute blog you got going.
    kinda stereotypical but then again what isn’t?

  6. chuck

    there is an incense you can shake on yyour weed and smoke to get high, it causes mild hallucination. I tried it oce and got sick as hell but a lot of my friends that did it had a great time. I actually found this age looking for the name, its an odd word as i recall

  7. blacky chan

    ok ya got me so wat?

  8. Baschive

    Only if your smoking inside a place ur not supposed too and even then i dont use them, i say fuck it, imm stoned

  9. ben

    dude patchouli is the best incense

  10. Kels

    Your mom is totally a stoner.

  11. fritzoskinnik

    WTF? Heads up stonies…Burn b4, during & after! This article is just to make ya ‘noid. If someone smells weed…Big deal ! We all know not to advertise our habits, so, whaddya wanna do spray Glade? Gotta air out the space…just to brighten it up @ 4:20 again. I love incense! Be cuz I smoke the plant w/ unbridled enthusiasm! -F.O.S.

  12. danielcook

    I dont use incense, and the people I know that do arent stoners there weird girls and guys that think there artistic or some other Trendy New age thing they can pretend is cool like those ugly dresses or rocks!

  13. Ras Trent

    ” chuck
    October 14, 2008 at 4:28 am #

    there is an incense you can shake on yyour weed and smoke to get high, it causes mild hallucination. I tried it oce and got sick as hell but a lot of my friends that did it had a great time. I actually found this age looking for the name, its an odd word as i recall”

    SALVIA!! And believe you me Chuckie, that shit ain’t mild.

  14. Ben

    Whoever the retard is that said that smoking insentce is better than smoking weed n=man you got some issues bc it was just in the paper that 3 15 year old boys died from smoking incents stuppid. STICK TO WEED its natural and btw i like incents

  15. nag champa ingredients

    Excellent post over again! Thanks:)

  16. WhoAr3You

    WTF..people that use incense is not only for stoners.I burn incense almost every night in my room before going to bed.You dont wanna know,the incense I use knocks you out cold within minutes,makes you go into a deep sleep.I also smoke that herb but only when Im with friends,I dont like smoking it alone..Btw Ive never tried smoking in my house and then trying to cover the smell with incense,thats plain stupid.You will still smell the herb burning.Why not just go outside and smoke one on your porch?

  17. mindstate1

    i think it can be more than a cover up for dank. incence, like dank smoke, can be aroma therapy. a little nag champa and sage smells bomb when it mixes with your favorite 3 og herb blend you make..shoot, put a lil cologne too. trick is not having the incence or sage on..quick light and extinguish.. aside from that i admit i have used it to try to cover herb here n there and de-stank my room of foulness.. incence can be used by sober artsy types, but it is a stoner thing…

  18. skyhighbella

    I’ve been burning incens since I was 12, just because it smells nice 🙂 now I do smoke it’s a really nice solution for covering op weed smell but I make sure all my windows are opn to. ooh and 1 tip: Don’t only burn incense when your parents are away, burn it when they’re home to.


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  20. Staylifted3

    Why can’t people buy incense because it smells good? I light incense even when I’m not burning

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