Stoners Like Doing People Favors

twitterProfilePhoto krisrivera: @stoner_stuff don’t forget Cheetos!

logoMan, if u want us to pick up some Cheetos for you (again) your gonna have to say please.

twitterProfilePhotokrisrivera @stoner_stuff pretty please with cherry icee on top.

logoeh, we’re gonna let Jules take this one…

logoActually, man…we’re probably not gonna be gettin’ you no Cheetohs because we’re stoned and our fave episode of Mama’s Family is on…

3 Responses to “Stoners Like Doing People Favors”

  1. Baschive

    i guess…

  2. wampamagi

    Absolutely, you get a warm fuzzy feeling and then they share their food with you. Or smoke a joint.

  3. whatup

    It’s true I feel a lot more generous and open and they are usually pretty cool…and wanna smoke a joint

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