420 Goody Box Subscription is Stuff Stoners Like

420-goody-box-subscription420 Goody Box Subscription is SSL

The 420 Goody Box subscription is total Stuff Stoners Like. What stoner doesn’t dig getting a big ol’ surprise box, make that a stoner box, filled with weed paraphernalia and the coolest stoner accessories each month—delivered right to their door? Plus you don’t even have to answer the door. Unlike the pesky pizza guy, the postman’ll leave the smoke box right on your porch and walk away.

You’re missing out if you haven’t signed up to get a monthly mystery box filled with myriad marijuana gifts, including the newest and best weed accessories plus staple weed gear like rolling papers, hemp wicks and tasty stoner munchies like chips and candy. We’ve reviewed a few, including the Buddha Box and can tell you that scoring surprise boxes can really make your day—especially when you sign up for one, get hella stoned and forget it’s coming. When that goodie box, make that a 420 goody box arrives you’ll be stoked.

Stoners love monthly boxes

The are lots of cheap monthly subscription boxes filled with stoner stuff on the market. But the 420 Goody Box ain’t one of ‘em. Their smoke box is filled with nothing but quality 420 supplies. You won’t find any thin and cheap import glass in these weed boxes, man. So why not start a glass collection today, man? Or at least round our your current weed kit? These guys will send you a sick piece of weed paraphernalia each and every month—in a discreet box. You don’t need your roommate sniffing around your stoner kit.

Anyhow if you’re looking for monthly box subscriptions for yourself or maybe a surprise box for a friend—with holiday’s right around the corner they make perfect gifts for pot smokers that keep on giving—we suggest you check out the  420 GoodyBox. Speaking of holiday’s—the latest monthly box we scored from the 420 Goody Box dudes was filled with cool Halloween-themed stuff, plus a sick Sponge Bob Square Pants premium bowl and glass piece as well as really sick monster pipe named Felix. Why Felix? We asked our 190k followers on Twitter for a good name and that’s the best names all those stoners could come up with.

Anyhow don’t wait for the holidays, dude—stoners love marijuana gifts like this every time of the year. Actually get yourself a 420 monthly box and couple it with a monthly munchie box of snacks and you’ll never need to leave the house.

monthly-box-subscriptions-420-goody-boxWhat is 420

Just in case you’re wondering whats 420 or where did 420 come from we thought we’d give you a quick history lesson, man. Apparently some group of hippy dippy teeny-boppers back in 1971 at some San Rafael High school would meet after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke up some weed near some Louis Pasteur statue? Or maybe you heard that some avid fans of The Grateful Dead would get all stoned at 4:20 each and every day. Eh, maybe that’s all just bullshit! But, who really knows exactly why 420 is so important to stoners anyhow, and, well…who the hell cares, seems like smoking weed at any time of the day or year is a great idea if you ask us.

Have you ever subscribed to any of these monthly boxes for stoners like the Budda Box, Cannabox or 420 Goody Box? What did you think of the service, the stuff you got, etc. Let us know your experience with the stoner box of the month clubs in comments section below…oh and if you’ve got a recommendation on a munchies box that great for stoners…let us know about that too.

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  1. Ross

    I think BurnBox may be out of business now and it’s good that they are as I got burned by them. For a period of over 4 months they just didn’t send anything to me on an already paid in full 6 month subscription. The quality of the boxes I did receive were okay but their customer service was ‘cooked to the core’!

  2. Tonia Wilson

    There is a piece missing from my camp pipe this month

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