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Smoke Box by Buddha BoxBuddha Box Monthly Weed Kit

BuddaBox is Stuff Stoners Like. Why? Because what stoner doesn’t dig getting a big ol’ surprise box, make that a stoner box, filled with weed paraphernalia and the coolest stoner accessories each month delivered right to their door, dude. You’re missing out if you haven’t signed up to get a monthly mystery box filled with marijuana gifts like the newest and bestest weed accessories and staple weed gear like rolling papers and hemp wicks.

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Scoring surprise boxes can really make you’re day, dude. Especially when their filled with stoner supplies or when you sign up for one, get hella stoned and forget it’s coming. They also make awesome gifts for pot smokers. Or even a great gag gift? Who knows maybe you can order a monthly 420 goody box subscription or the 710 monthly surprise box for your boss and see what happens? He or she might surprise you with a raise or maybe just fire your ass. Maybe that’s a bad idea? So be safe and send that goodie box to us. Because we love surprises and a good weed box delivered to our door each month.

Buddha Box
The BuddaBox is Stuff Stoners Like

Smoke Box 101

The are lots of cheap monthly subscription boxes filled with stoner stuff out there. But only the Budda Box dudes can lay claim to being the largest monthly marijuana-themed mystery box company in the world. They have more than 10k subscribers (that’s a lot) clamoring for their box of the month. And get this—they’ve only been in business less than a year—eight months in fact.

Why is the Buddha Box so awesome? Well we asked the dudes who created it and they went on about products, pricing, policies, interactive marketing, customer support, extreme responsiveness, etc. We were like, “Dude. Whoa slow down. So like what you’re saying is that the Buddha Box rocks right? It’s like the dopest subscription smoke box ever?” And they were all like, “Yeah, dude.” And we were like, “why didn’t you just say so.”

Anyhow, BuddaBox delivers only high quality 420 supplies, dude. They never include cheap glass from China or other bunk shit. In fact they guarantee a sick piece of weed paraphernalia in each and every box—even their lowest priced one that only costs $19 a month. Even you can afford that! Oh ya, the BuddaBox (as in Bud/Dab Box) comes in two flavors—the 420Box if you’re into flower power and the 710Box if you’re an erl lover. Plus they’re like the only subscription stoner box to come with free shipping, a money back guarantee and complete discretion. You don’t need moms ruining your weed game, right? And their snapchat (@buddabox420—add them) is off the hook. Also, if you run into any snags they’ve got FB messaging, phone and email support ready to go so they can quickly take care of all your monthly cannibox needs. And believe us—you do have monthly cannabox needs.

Stay tuned for a review of their special edition Dizzy Wright Smoke Box or maybe the Dabstar edition 710Box, maybe both plus a chance to win a Buddha Box of your very own.

UPDATE: Arthurburnett won the Dabstar Budda Box and here’s what was in the Dizzy Wright Smoke Box.

Ever received a Buddha Box or any other Smoke Box in the mail? Tell us what ya thought about it in the comments below…

37 Responses to “BuddaBox is Stuff Stoners Like”

  1. Brittany

    Looking forward to receiving that Dizzy Wright box

  2. James B

    Worst service ever. I paid in full for a 6 month subscription to check it out and see if it’s worth getting some for friends as gifts. It’s been 4 months and I haven’t received a single box. The support department is utterly useless. They say shipping department will reach out and they never do. Probably just a scam. I’ve reported this company to my credit card company as fraudulent and I want my money back!

  3. Robert P Taylor

    I hope itz worth it!!

  4. Chase N Smith

    Once my subscription was up, they renewed it without notifying me or permission. Just took the money from my account. No where on their website does it say this will happen. Ive tried contacting them with no reply. They’ve since blocked me on their fb page for trying to let people know.

  5. Nichole C

    If you have heard of or are thinking about signing up for BuddaBox, DONT!!! I have been charged three times for their monthly subscription box, and they have only sent me ONE box – which they sent to my old address, even though I updated my address with them ahead of time, so I’ve paid for three boxes and recieved ZERO! I’ve been emailing back and forth with them, first they say theyll send me a replacement box, but give me no further information, and I havent heard a word about it since.
    Today I get another response and it says “We took a look and the problem is we are only finding one order associated with your account and it was made on July 10th. What was the last order you made?”
    WTF!?!?!? I replied, “You have got to be kidding me…what do you mean one order? You are a monthly subscription box! I have been charged every month since July! I haven’t received anything! Are you guys even reading these emails!? This is beyond ridiculous, I’ll make sure to let everyone and anyone I know to stay FAR away from your company. I am furious!”
    So here I am doing just that. I better get my money back. From the reviews I’ve been reading around the internet today, their boxes are a shitty letdown, anyway.

  6. Savannah Fowler

    On 9/13/16 y’all withdrew 19$ from my bank account not included last month as well and I need that money in my account so I can pay my car insurance. I need to unsubscribe to this. Asap

  7. Travis Burns

    so its beenover 2 months and since being charged your customer service has been useless. i have yet to get a single reply from your company. i tried to message on facebook page and i was blocked. you charged me 59$. this business is a joke. legally you had 30 days to deliver either the product or a reimbursement per your agreement.

  8. Travis Burns

    honestly today i bashed buddabox. i still believe that this company has many issues but today i was able to reach kevin in customer service, kevin immediately addressed my issues and made sure i was satisfied. he said that these last few months the company has been undergoing a lot of problems and he assured me that they were working on these issues. i am glad to say that if kevin was telling the truth buddabox is going to be on the come up. he appologized for the delay and assured me he was personally sending my box to me himself, should receive in 5-10 days.

  9. Girl

    Perfection. Been suscribed for 5 months now! Love how their is a theme every time. Idk ive never had ANY issues. Always on time and definitely. Worth. It!

  10. Barbie diaz

    This company is bullshit.
    I’ve waited now since May to get my box I paid for.
    Stormy & Amber has lied to me saying since June I’d get a box.
    Nothing my daughter stepped into help & both of the twits lied to her as well.
    This company sucks…

  11. Tabatha

    I ordered the three subscription for the boxes. I only wanted one subscription and they took another $51 out of my account to renew. I called they said they would take care of the problem, cancel me and refund my money. NEVER DID!! And once again, just checked my online banking and they took another $51 out. Furious. I am contacting an attorney right now. Bullshit!!

  12. Grace

    I have purchased a 6 month subscription. Total of $90 and I only received two boxes. One for when I first started and one because I called angry on my birthday so they shipped one overnight. I have not gotten a reply to email, voicemail, or calling the customer service line. I’m to the point where I’m so fed up with this company. I want my money back and nobody can seem to get ahold of me or actually talk to me. Not worth a cent and I’ll be calling my lawyer soon because of this.

  13. Matt

    This company is absolutely crap worst service ever you can’t even get ahold of them they suck ho somewhere else for your smoking goodies

  14. Daniel

    Still waiting on my first box bought it November 15th it is not December 23rd where is my box?

  15. Stoner Stuff

    You should probably contact budda box, dude

  16. Jordan Andrews

    Got some awesome budda box this year .can’t wait to see what 2017 boxes:)

  17. Anonymous

    5 stars!! I love buddabox and they have replayed to all my emails for help 12/29/16

  18. Magee

    I ordered a box from you on the 2nd still waiting for it to arrive from the reviews it seem you guys don’t deliver on your end. I hope this is not the case. I watch you guys live, I’ve subscribed to you also I’ve recommended also. So please deliver my order so I can let ppl know you are not a scam. Thank you would love to hear back from you.

  19. Stoner Stuff

    You should contact Budda Box. We can’t help ya.

  20. Erica

    I am seeing mixed opinions on this subscription… Just wondering if it is actually legit and worth it ?

  21. Tyler hartz

    Well I was interested in a Buddha box until I read these reviews…

  22. Stewart

    This sucks i wanted to get a buddha box so bad but after these reviews nehmindd

  23. Bryan

    I got my first box a week and a half ago loved it well worth$24 and it’s my first ever subscription box and I chose buddabox because all the other boxes seemed lame I don’t want fruit snacks chips or gummy bears and those boxes are more expensive for actually less actual usable product lame…. So I’m sticking with buddabox for as long as I can I’d love to be able to afford 710 box but oh well 420 box awesome and just added slapak can’t wait to see the quality in those slaps hopefully same quality as the slaps that come with buddabox. We will see…. Does anybody know when they r shipping feb2017 box

  24. Jessica

    How long does it take for my box to arrive?? I ordered one for a goft, it said guaranteed delivery for the 14th, and it hasn’t showed. I just now read the reviews and am a little convinced I’ve wasted my time and money. I sincerely hope that not the case…..I guess we’ll see

  25. Bryan

    I got January box but a lil worried bout February box also after I read reviews

  26. Bryan

    @ Jessica I’m in Cali and box comes from Tempe Arizona and my first box arrived in 3-4 days at most

  27. Megan

    Got all my boxes I paid for but for the past 6 months I have been trying to cancel my subscription and can’t get customer for shit. Customer sucks

  28. Bryan

    Good to hear @megan I’m on second month and read all these reviews and been worrying a lil bout being burnt so they do send all boxes that’s good to hear the BBB says bad company. For customer service I’ve been trying to get ahold of for weeks trying to find out bout shipping on slapak and boxes. Does anyone know bout slapak shipping if it comes separate or in actual buddabox.

  29. john trimarche


  30. Stefanie

    Honestly really upset, been waiting three months for just one stupid box. No return calls or emails. And acting hella shady trying to get a refund.

  31. Stacey

    Absolutely worst service I’ve ever seen!! We finally got ahold of somebody when our ordering got screwed up, but now we have no shipping confirmation,no contact number, no answer on the agent’s phone. I will never again use this company!! WORST COMPANY AND WORST SERVICE!!!

  32. Another f'd customer

    I think everyone should call seedless and complain they r main contributed maybe we can get seedless away from such bad publicity seedless is da s*** and don’t deserve that and Thier names all-over the box and site. Need to let them know what buddabox is doing

  33. Randall

    I received my February Buddabox just to find out that it was the exact same box I got in January!!!😡😡😡 I thought the whole thing of doing this was to get a different package of goodies every month???? I tried to go to the support e-mail with the question of why I got the SAME BOX AGAIN and I’m still waiting for a response almost a week later. This is crap that they don’t care about their customers enough to even get back to them. I think I’m going to cancel my subscription and go with one of their competitors. It can’t be any worse than what I have now. Once your at the bottom there is no way to go but up!!!

  34. Robert

    Ive unsubscribed and i keep getting billed even after getting an email stating that i had been unsubscribed. WTF…. Don’t subscribe to buddabox unless you want to just keep getting billed every month even after they reply that you’ve been unsubscribed. Good luck trying to get ahold of customer service. I’m going to contact the better business bureau to file a complaint.

  35. Latisha

    I have been getting Buddha box for the past five months and I love it. They have different selections to choose from for the type of stoner you are. I have started a collection of pipes my favorite is the star wars life saver it is amazing. I also get rolling papers and cleaners for the pipes along a lot of other cool everyday use materials for a stoner. I’m pretty satisfied.

  36. Alexandra

    Was looking forward to subscribing,,but damn some of these rewiws are pretty bad😒

  37. Darla

    I was gonna subscribe, but after reading the comments – NOPE!

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