420 Goody Box Review

420 Goody Box Review

420 Goody BoxStoners can get bored pretty quickly. Luckily there’s WEED. And there’s the 420 Goody Box. WTF is that? Well, it’s a box filled with stoner stuff that shows up on your doorstep every month. What stoner wouldn’t want that, eh?

The 420 Goody Box works like a magazine subscription—which is funny because there was a magazine in our the box—you pay for three or six months in advance and a new box filled with all new stoner stuff shows up at your door each month. Not into subscriptions? Hate shit that happens on a monthly basis? Just buy a single month.

The contents are a surprise. Like a birthday present. Except, it won’t suck probably. Like if you were to get socks for your birthday, like say from gramma, they’d suck, right? White gym socks—yuck. But if you got socks in this box, they’d probably be kinda cool and have bongs, or pot leaves on ‘em and shit.  Have a stoner bud who’s got a birthday coming up? Fucked up with your roommates? Get ‘em a box, dude. You’re welcome.

What’s in a 420 Goody Box?

The 420 Good Box we scored for review contained:
A black beanie with a marijuana leaf on it
A plastic collapsible bong
A cannabis energy drink
An Ital hemp wick
A pack of blueberry Ziz-Zag wraps
A Sticky Pen vape pen
A copy of the Berkeley, CA-based Cannabis Now magazine

69 Responses to “420 Goody Box Review”

  1. Dustymac

    This is too dope for me to not win so please!

  2. jayd

    This is tooooo dope kik-outkast69

  3. Pamberryyy

    Please pick me! Today is my birthday!

  4. Rianna Saia

    Hope I winnnn ! I would make the most use out of everything ah (:!

  5. Tiffany

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! I would love to win!!

  6. Meg

    I don’t think that it’s likely I’ll win, but by golly I hope I do.

  7. Adana Ashley

    Sounds like something I would love to have! Hope I get picked.

  8. Justin Solomon

    Lemme get that

  9. Jason

    That was weird I just wrote something here but it didn’t show up o.O… Anywho, I said I would love to win this because I been wanting this for quit a while but don’t have the finances to subscribe to them :[ so I hope I win this :]

  10. StonedinSeattle

    I must have this box… It shall be mine. Just becuz I’m bored.

  11. StonedinSeattle

    Gotta have the 420 Box box box box box box box box box….(that was an echo)

  12. Jen

    These boxes are the most stellar things ever. I want one so bad.

  13. Rianna Saia

    This is definitely all stuff stoners like ! Hope I win 🙂

  14. MommaBear

    Slider….slide that bad mammy jammy to my front porch this stoner could use some stone wear. Mwah!

  15. anne

    Dudes!!!! I would love that as a belated birthday present. This is definitely something this stoner likes!!!! Stay high my friends!!

  16. Dusty Potter

    I’ll be smoking that God’s Pussy soon. =) Neat giveaway & 420 goody box!

  17. Michael

    I want that box!

  18. Zana

    I want that box so bad, I will run up to a stranger and slap them with a sock full of chocolate pudding just to get that box.

  19. Alex

    I commented. Please choose me.

  20. Rianna Saia

    Goodies galore omg :)!

  21. Jonathan Daniel

    #stonerlife ill take a goody box please lol

  22. Curt King

    Only thing I could ever afford is the pack of wraps. This would be a nice CARE package for an old soldier of the drug war.

  23. bearclaw92

    I’m too high to figure out how to post a comment but I really want that box.

  24. SpiderCat

    I gave it up to raise my kids.They’re grown now. That was 20+ years ago. Its time to pick up were I left off!!!!! I need SUPPLIES!!!!!!!

  25. Qu££n Punk¥

    This box would be a great present for 4/20 or my birthday.

  26. B0mbshell_secret

    Wait comment here? I’m dumb when I’m high.. But I need this box

  27. sthatstonerdudefoster

    gimmie gimmie

  28. That box would look great here

    Stoner goodies?? Sign me up!! I have so many uses for that collapsible bong. Hook me up!! I know how to share.

  29. scottie

    im down! 🙂 i like free shit since i spend all my money on weed

  30. Blake

    I like the boogie to the bang bang boogie
    Say up jump the boogie to the bang bang, come on

  31. Sze Yang

    herro prease i a rearry rant some stroner struff prease tank u

  32. James Gibbs

    That sounds pretty good and I’m feeling lucky

  33. Benny Carr

    I’m pretty bumed that I checked the Megamillions numbers this morning and NOPE .. no winner for me. Hope my luck is better with this!

  34. Firstghjk Lghjkast

    . Send it to Obama …………………………oops did I type that.

  35. Rianna Saia

    This is sick !! Really hoping I win ^_^

  36. edarland

    #toostoked getting my hopes… along with other things very high.

  37. camcam420

    Awesome way to promote! I hope I’m the winner so I can tell everyone about the company!

  38. S Marie

    Send it on to a Canadian chick please 😛

  39. Ddank77

    I’m def. ordering a prescription lol oops I mean a subscription…way 2 high

  40. Scott McDonald

    Ohhhhh boy would I love to win this and share with all my friends… Good luck everyone. Cool box idea -stoner stuff-

  41. Trever James Moder

    Just found out I’m going to be having a son! This would be the perfect celebratory package 🙂

  42. wldsam


  43. elissssssa

    I’m a stoner. I like your stuff. it will make my days in ohio that much better

  44. Brett

    Pick me! Haha

  45. @happycamperdean

    You guys rock!

  46. Mitchell

    Wisconsin stoner here I lover winning

  47. Blazin' Juggalo

    I want the 420 goody bag. #staylifted

  48. Mixcoatl

    It’d be nice to celebrate marijuana decriminalization in DC with such an amazing care package

  49. Roboto

    This Stoner Robot always loves Stuff Stoners Like! 🙂

  50. SouthernBelle

    Ima stoner, Ima stoner, Ima stoner! #LouisianaBelle#

  51. Felicia Haenel

    Stayin’ loyal to Mary Jane (-:

  52. realericpereira

    I’m stoned posting this. I love winning by the way!

  53. OER_Tamisium

    Always WIN with a @420GoodyBox


    IVXX 420 zipsquad!

  55. Molly Wrona

    It would be a perfect early birthday present!

  56. VictoriaE625

    Marijuana and subscription boxes!? Those are 2 of my favorite things! ❤️

  57. Carolinecentral

    Ooooh this is stuff this stoner likes!!!

  58. stoner_stuff

    CONTEST IS OVER! Don’t be bummed, tho…because we’ve got another one going on RIGHT NOW: https://stuffstonerslike.com/2014/03/13/mouse-stencil-artist/

  59. Jason

    Congrats to the winner :] but if they don’t claim their prize may I have it 😛

  60. Jay Robinson

    winner winner marijuana dinner!

  61. trinaa420

    Totally what I need. Send it my wayy ((:

  62. sammieace

    This is dope ish:) would love to win

  63. Rylie Redman

    Im suck a stoner bitch

  64. Amber Beach

    Damn I wish I woulda seen it! Love that!

  65. Quinton Branham

    I never win nothing hope I get a chance Friday fingers crossed for luck

  66. Whitney Sarah Joseph

    Pick me! Pick me!

  67. Quinton Branham

    Pick me pleaze

  68. lalo martinez

    coolest thing I ever seen I never knew about this

  69. Jodie

    the thought of winning all that gives me a hard on

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