5 Greatest Weed Games To Play With Friends When You’re Super Stoned

weed games hero image of 2 girls getting stonedWeed Games When You’re Super Stoned

Weed games. Crazy to think baked people need games to play while high, but they do. Smoking weed, as we all know, is on the rise and stoners just like everybody else are looking for games to play while super stoned or games to help expedite getting super stoned or simply some good old weed party ideas.

#5 Mirror the Marijuana Smoker

Mirror the Marijuana smoker in your favorite stoner movie/TV show. Participants need to toke when a character smokes or alludes to smoking, vaping, eating marijuana. This is one of those perfect weed games that you can play by yourself or in a group.

That 70’s Show will guarantee several tokes as will anything written, directed or touched by Dave Chappelle. Of course, you have the classics like “the Big Lebowski”, “Dazed and Confused”, “How High”, “Up in Smoke” and my favorite the “the Godfather” to use when planning your next smoking party.

Although, some might argue there is not a lot of smoking weed or baked people in the Godfather. There is a lot of whacking/killing and in this game you can substitute whacking for weed and enjoy yourself nonetheless. Remember the key to a good stoner game is the ability to alter the rules as you go. Why? Because games with complicated rules don’t really make the best games to play when your high.

#4 Six Degrees of Separation from Your Favorite Stoner

Similar to 6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon the object of this weed game is to challenge your stoner opponents to find the shortest path between an arbitrary actor and a prolific stoner character and/or scene. For example, Nicole Kidman is our arbitrary actor. Nicole was married to Tom Cruise, Tom made a movie called “Risky Business”. In Risky Business, Tom’s main character (Joel) is best friend’s with a stoner named Miles. As most will remember Miles was the friend/stoner who said, “sometimes Joel you just need to say what the fuck”.  And, let’s not forget Joel’s scene when the Porsche slides into lake Michigan….pot smoking totally contributed to dad’s car sinking. This is one of those perfect weed smoking games for movie or music buffs.

#3 Board Games

Clue is one of those stoner games that’s perfect for the smoking party. Don’t belie us. Yes we are super stoned, but just try getting through this game while smoking weed. Shit just try setting up the Harry Potter version of clue when you’re high. We challenge you. But you can transform just about any boring board game into one of the best times of your life—just add weed and instead of dropping down the slide in Chutes and Ladders or paying up in Monopoly take dabs or big bong hits. Suddenly these boring-ass games become some one of the best weed games of all time

#2 Music/Dance Video Games

Garage Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Party are awesome weed games. Playing music and smoke games go hand-in-hand. We all have an inner Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande hidden deep inside just waiting for an opportunity to come out and play. And where else but a safe smoking circle among your closest friends who are super stoned to get your jam on? Or  if you are like me and my friends what other pot game gives you the opportunity to utterly embarrass and humiliate the ones you love? Plus this is one of those mariguana games that includes music—a total win win.

#1 Charades Stoner Style

Very similar to the OG charades, the weed party should divide into two teams and come up with scenes/situations you all know. This is one of thoe perfect marijuana games for a lot of people. For example, if you were in my family – we almost got arrested in Maul for smoking on the lanai and hotel security searched our room.  Or, there was that one time in Vegas when my BFF dropped her vape pen in front of the bouncer and asked him to give it to her. She was escorted out directly after. I have to note for the record,  she did get back into the club after he took the more than coveted brand new cartridge of Jack Herer.

You then take turns acting out the stoner story while the others guess. Charades is a classic game and has been around since the dawn of man. So it’s one of those perfect games to play while high. It’s like the most perfect pot game ever. Why more people aren’t rolling joints and playing charades is kinda of surprising. It’s a low maintenance pot game that doesn’t need chargers, boards, cards or dice. You don’t need to find a place to store it afterwards either.

The only materials needed are weed, stoners, and stoners who like to play games when high. As we all know everybody has stories and every weed smoker has many, many weed stories. And what better way to bring people together? Maybe we should start a new movement? Stoned Stories and Charades Save the World. It could be epic. Weedgames bringing people together with herb, laughing, talking, loving, charading—now that’s stuff stoners like.

By Stoned and Stuff

Have any favorite games to play when high, weed rolling games that involve blunt wraps or papers, smoking games that include big hits or blowing smoke rings or whatever? Tell us about your favorite weed game or weed games in the comments section below.

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