Stoners Don’t Like Males

male marijuana plantObjectively, if you look at most living creatures…the male of the species is almost always more colorful, more showy, and arguable more attractive than the females; metrosexuals, drag-queens, Rick James, etc. The theory holds true in the animal kingdom too where most boy birds, like the peacocks or the bird of paradise, are all vividly colored while the female versions are a dull brown. Male lions have these gorgeous flowing manes while females don’t have shit, but, to a stoner, nothing can be uglier than the male marijuana plant.

Look at that ugly thing in the pic above with its huge pollen-containing balls shamelessly just hanging there for the world to see. We get asked constantly how to identify male pants, well above’s a perfect example. If you’re plant looks like this, it’s a boy and has the ability to impregnate every female marijuana plant in a few mile radius. And, you thought Bob Marley really spread his seed. We’ve heard when the winds are just right, male marijuana pollen in Morocco can travel all the way across the Straight of Gibraltar to Spain. So if you don’t want seed in your weed keep your boys and girls separate like they’re at a Jr. High School dance.

Danks to @b_gets_money21 for sending us this frightening pic.

2 Responses to “Stoners Don’t Like Males”

  1. mindstate1

    peeps think its just sperm donors,but these bad boys been keeping the plants alive before all the mmj scene, and for that i commend them……but only as long as they don’t knock up the girls …unless they are a good couple and go to planned parenthood and have some beautiful kids that have all the best of the parents traits.

  2. Tiluriso

    This one’s a no-brainer.

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