After Dems Back Marijuana Rescheduling The GOP Rejects Medical Marijuana

Grape ApeA few days ago the Democratic Party finally endorsed a “reasoned pathway to future legalization” of marijuana and called for marijuana to be reschedule under the Controlled Substances Act. Guess how the Republican party responded? If you said they voted against a more conservative platform that would have endorsed medical marijuana, you would be right. At a recent GOP Platform Committee meeting in Cleveland, Republican delegates said no to endorsing medical marijuana.

In the process, however, they managed to air some of the wildest unproven theories about marijuana reports the Huffington Post. A bunch of delegates opposed the measure, which ultimately was voted down on the second vote, spewing some serious reefer madness bullshit. A member from Utah claimed scientists have a “long way to go with research” on marijuana and argued that studies, which she did not provide, showed a link between it and mental health issues. The Huffpost went on to point out that:

Another delegate absurdly claimed that people who commit mass murders are “young boys from divorced families, and they’re all smoking pot.” Yet another delegate claimed marijuana triggered schizophrenia, and is funded nationally by Democrat and New York financier George Soros. “Let’s think a little bit what happens with Percocet, with OxyContin,” claimed a third delegate, who drew a connection between the ongoing heroin epidemic and teenagers smoking marijuana.

Pro-medical cannabis delegates pushed back, complaining their fellow committee members misunderstood the scope of the proposal.

“It’s not like we’re talking about Cheech and Chong here, folks. We’re talking about allowing people with debilitating conditions to ease their suffering,” Maryland delegate Ben Marchi said, referencing the comedy duo who support marijuana.

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