Altai Artisanal Edibles Review

Althai Artisanal EdiblesIf you’re tired of weed brownies here’s something for ya. We tested some super high-end, low-dose artisanal edibles from a company called Altai. Apparently the name Altai is taken from a 2,5000-year-old Siberian princess. When she was pulled from the permafrost it was discovered that she died of cancer and was buried with cannabis. She may be the first medical marijuana patient ever. Nobody really knows for sure. But what we do know for sure is that her memorable name is now associated with great-tasting cannabis confections.

The dark chocolate bon bons were stashed in a stylish tin that makes for a perfect weed or joint containers when finished with the contents. They’re available in “sativa” and “indica” versions and taste BOMB. No surprise since the ingredients included stuff like real Tahitian vanilla, Mediterranean sea salt and single-origin chocolate from Peru. Our test sample was filled with sea-salt and milk-chocolate caramel and we’re so tasty. They clocked in at just 25 mg of THC a piece and you couldn’t taste the pot at all. The bon bons are also available in dulce de leche or bittersweet chocolate truffle. We also tried Althai’s Pips aka chocolate covered sour cherries. These too were absolutely delicious. There are 12 pips to a package and each contains just 10mg of THC per serving.

The company is based in northern Salinas, California, ironically where marijuana dispensaries are illegal. It was founded by Rob Weakley a former co-founder of the Coastal Luxury Management Group, which is behind Faith & Flower, Los Angeles Food & Wine and Cannery Row Brewing Company in Monterey.

Althai Artisanal Edibles
Chocolate Covered Sour Cherry Pips from Althai Artisanal Edibles

“Once I started reading about the benefits of cannabis it became clear that marijuana is something that a great amount of people were using for health and well being,” Weakley to the lightweights over at Los Angeles Mag who reviewed non-medicated versions of Altai’s treats. “It opened my eyes to ways that people can dose and ingest as well as all the science behind it. We know that with our products, our customers will get something that tastes delicious and is consistent. In California, Altai is for the patients who enjoy fine ingredients, but also for those who haven’t tried edibles in a long time for one reason or another.”

The other Altai founders include cannabis attorney Gavin Kogan and Mark Ainsworth, a San Francisco-based former Ritz-Carlton pastry chef who created commercial baked goods for Whole Foods. Altai’s parent company, Indus, also holds exclusive rights to distributing Dixie Elixirs products in California.

Each Altai product is triple tested for deliciousness, consistency and potency. So if you appreciate a little cannabis with great-tasting candy you’ll dig Altai’s artisinal edibles. You can find these delicious delights at the Harborside Health Center. The 10mg Sour Cherry Pips will only run ya $16 and those insanely-tasty Sea Salt Caramel bon bons with 25mg are only $19.

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