America Doesn’t Care About Pot Smokers

Much to the delight of our government and weed haters everywhere, marijuana smokers and their supporters endured a brutal thrashing in the recent mid-term 2010, elections Tuesday, as major marijuana legislation in California, Arizona, Oregon and South Dakota all went up in smoke.

Proposition 19 garnered national attention as a heroic ballot initiative that would have allowed adults 21-years-old and up to possess and grow marijuana for recreational use. It failed. Although more than 3 million people voted Yes on legalizing weed in CA, it was only the Bay Area that unanimously supported the initiative. Southern California, with its recent proliferation of pot dispensaries voted against the measure as did voters in the world famous Emerald Triangle the Nor Cal growing region that likens itself to the alcohol…er, uh…we mean wine industry.

Apparently Californians aren’t ready for that lucrative cash grab that was known as Prop 19 or  legal recreational marijuana…but…they sure the hell are ready for taxing the shit out of the sick people who use it. California’s broke, taxes need to be raised, many say…so who should carry that burden? That’s right…POT SMOKERS! And, not even that…SICK POT SMOKERS! Yes, in a time where our healthcare costs are destroying lives and our political system is struggling to reform it…Californians are just fine with continuing down that path of destruction by levying heavy taxation on medicine! Oakland’s Measure V passed, 71% to 29%, raising taxes from $18 to $50 per $1,000 of medical marijuana sold. Neighboring city Albany stuck it to weed patients by passing an increase on tax for marijuana medicine with Measure Q: Yes 84%, No 16%. San Jose passed (YES: 79 to NO: 21) a similar law, Measure U that will increase taxes on medical weed and so did Contra Costa County which passed a tax spike called Measure V, Yes 80%, No 20%, that’ll accordingly increase the cost of medical marijuana. And, that’s just the measures here in the Bay Area…where Prop 19 was popular.

Prison companies, law enforcement, big alcohol, every single DEA administrator in the history of our country, all the former drugs czars, the White House, Eric Holder and even many turncoat marijuana activists all took pot shots at the proposition.

Gil Kerlikowske, Obama’s drug policy director, has said: “Californians recognized that legalizing marijuana will not make our citizens healthier, solve California’s budget crisis, or reduce drug related violence in Mexico.” He’s also using that familiar marijuana rhetoric  “the White House has been clear in its opposition to marijuana legalization because research shows that marijuana use is associated with voluntary treatment admissions for addiction, fatal drugged driving accidents, mental illness and emergency room admissions.”

That very same White House has helped commercialize health care and medicine and has created a culture where health care businesses wait for people to get sick, ill or injured then profit on treatments and medications. NO wonder they’re against 100% all-natural, non toxic cannabis that’ll grow in your backyard like a weed. But, unlike prescription medicine, which is tax-free, cannabis, which is recommended by a doctor, is taxed.  And, now those taxes are increasing. Health care and medicine, especially plant-based medicine, is a basic human right! Medication whether it’s sold on the black market as a result of prohibition or the result of government, lobbyist or the gaming of the health care industry should be affordable. After all, medicine isn’t a luxury…it’s a damned necessity.

It’s not just Californians who don’t like pot smokers…it’s the rest of the nation too! Heads didn’t just roll in California as South Dakota voters shot down Measure 13, 63-47 for the second time in four years, which would have allowed medical marijuana! Oregonians don’t care about safe access to medical marijuana as they shot down Measure 74 that would have allowed for medical marijuana dispensaries. It failed by a 58-42% margin. And, in Arizona, Prop 203, which would allow those with serious, chronic illness to obtain 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana every two weeks or grow 12 marijuana plants, was failing early Wednesday but by a margin that had dwindled to fewer than 5,000 votes out of 1.3 million cast making the outcome still too close to call.

Just when we thought immigrants we’re the new scapegoats (again)…it looks as if it’s pot smokers who again are the same ol’ target. Remember the wide economic downturn back in the 30’s that plagued our nation known as the Great Depression? Well, voters were looking for scapegoats back then. And, guess who they found? Pot smokers! Most people just assume marijuana was outlawed and demonized around the time of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 as a result of science, medical facts, or government hearings and that ultimately it was made illegal to protect citizens from what was determined to be a dangerous drug. Actually, those who voted on the legal fate of cannabis never had the facts and were dependent on misinformation supplied by those who had a specific agenda to deceive lawmakers…just like today. The sad history of marijuana’s criminalization includes racism, fear, protection of profits, media hype, ignorant, incompetent and/or corrupt legislators, personal career advancement and greed. And, it looks like marijuana is going to be kept ILLEGAL for the VERY SAME FUCKING REASONS!

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