Amnesia Haze Pull n Snap From Love Life Farms Review

Amnesia Haze Pull n Snap From Love Life Farms Review heroStrain: Amnesia Haze Pull n Snap
Score: 7/10
Review By: Mat Lee
Farm: Love Life Farms, Eugene Oregon
Processor: Willamette Valley Alchemy, Eugene Oregon
Dispensary: Terpene Station, 645 River Road #3, Eugene Oregon, 97404
Price: $48 per gram Oregon recreational
Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Content: 71.25% THC
Tested Date: 8-7-17
Tested By: Evio Labs
Appearance and Feels: First off I’ll say this, their packaging is the most child proof shit ever. I wasn’t able to open. I had to get a pair of scissors to cut the bag open, my old arthritic fingers just couldn’t do it. I assume that’s a good thing, as we don’t want our children opening our dabs before we do. The PTFE they are using makes it fairly easy to pull apart. The clarity is excellent with a nice golden color to it.
Smell: Once I finally got it open, the aroma was nice. Not as potent as some other oil I’ve reviewed, but definitely good. Hints of a sweet citrus and pine waft up from the PTFE slick. The Amnesia Haze pull n snap by Willamette Valley Alchemy definitely smells like they managed to retain some decent terpene content. Let’s see how it tastes.
amnesia-haze-willamette-valley-alchemy-1Flavor: Damn, this has some pretty damn good flavor to it. The Amnesia Haze tastes just like the Love Life Haze flower smells. How do I know that? Because I picked some up at the Terpene Station in Eugene Oregon while I was there getting this. I love having the flower of the oil I’m reviewing to also review. This shit right here though, it has a strong, earthy, sweet taste with that citrus kick that almost reminds me of tangie. It’s tasty for sure.
High: The buzz this Amnesia Haze packs is pretty solid. 70% THC is a great number for a pull and snap type of consistency. It means there’s still enough terpenes to get the job done as well as having a nice cannabinoid profile. You can definitely feel all of that after a few dabs. It’s an easy one to space out and get lost in an internet rabbit hole or two. It lives up to the name for sure. What was I doing again? Oh right…
amnesia-haze-willamette-valley-alchemy-2Overall: I picked up this Willamette Valley Alchemy Amnesia Haze at a cool little shop in Eugene Oregon called the Terpene Station. The price is right under $50 per gram out the door, which is really good if you are at all familiar with the high prices of recreational cannabis, and more so, recreational cannabis extracts in Oregon. Some stuff is fetching a crisp clean hundred dollar bill per gram. I’m not exactly sure who’s smoking that expensive shit. It sure isn’t me, at least not on the daily. But for the rest of us, for a daily dab that’s affordable, I would definitely recommend giving Willamette Valley Alchemy a try. The Amnesia Haze pull n snap is stuff stoners like.

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